LPD Locomotives- UP

Union Pacific Power: 1996 Until Forever…

The UP era commenced in 1996, so I only include power that worked this division after that time. Remarkably few UP locomotives made it onto the Moffat prior to 1996. Even post-merger, it was a long time before yellow became the dominant color on the line.

With my implementation of DCC, most of the UP fleet is targeted to receive decoders. However, for the period immediately post-merger, I’ll need a few units to intermingle with the SP holdovers (especially the AC4400s).  At this point the target group to remain DC includes the Athearn Blue-box AC4400s and the Kato SD9043MACs.

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Model Photos Remarks
GP15-1 (in UPY lettering) and a GP39-2

  • Qty: one each
  • Era: 1996-2015
upy Yard engines at North Yard. The GP15-1 is a Proto 1000 model, and the GP39-2 is from Atlas. (GP39-2 is a turbocharged version of a GP38-2; note the different style of exhaust stack.)

  • Qty: 2
  • Era: 1996-2015
up8146-t2 From Kato.  These units are well-represented from the 1996 merger through the present, though always outnumbered by C44AC’s.  Huge locomotives.

  • Qty: 8
  • Era: 1996-2016 (depending on which unit)

The most numerous loco type on the UP, they exist in many variants, including the original version, the later C44AC-CTE, and patched / repainted merger units.

LPD-UP6374 A patched SP AC4400, originally number 328 and now UP 6374.  I did my best to replicate it as it appeared in September 2008.  I really enjoyed this project!  Note the extra cab roof detail. It has constant-intensity headlights including ditch lights.
UP-acs Three UP AC4400s are seen in North Yard. The nearest two are in the basic Armour Yellow scheme, and the right-hand one sports the Operation Lifesaver logo. All three are Athearn blue-box units with additional details.
up6280_westportal  I also have five of the newer Athearn RTR types. Here’s one, No. 6480, which is actually (in real life) a former SP AC4400 that’s been repainted and renumbered. Here it’s doing mid-train DPU work. Note the flag paint scheme.
UP6730_neeCNW Here is a former C&NW AC4400, now patched to UP 6730.  It’s realistically weathered, and has DCC installed, including working ditch lights.

  • Qty: 1
  • Era: 2005-present
UP7963 This ES44AC is an Intermountain product. Here it’s shown running in DCC, with operating number boards and ditch lights. I’m a fan (not so much when running on DC).

  • Qty: 2
  • Era: 1999-present
up4014_zdvro These are Athearn Genesis units, for ZRODV/ZDVRO trains, general freight service, MOW trains… in other words, anything not coal. One has since been converted to receive EPA Tier 2 flared radiators.

  • Qty: 2
  • Era: 2006-present
heritageunit From MTH, one is the Rio Grande Heritage Unit (pictured), and the other is in the standard UP Flag scheme. The 1989 also subs on the Ski Train occasionally.

Good runners, very heavy so they tend to dominate any MU arrangements.


  • Qty: 3
  • Era: 1996-present (and can park at DUT in my 1960s era operations).
UP_951 For use on those occasional business train specials. One (shown here) is an extensively-detailed Model Power unit; I scratchbuilt the snow hoods, and used a lot of body putty to make the nose and pilot correct. It weighs a ton and has a massive flywheel. I installed the LED headlight circuit in this. The other A and the B are Rivarossi dummies that have not yet been processed. Their deep flanges give me pause, however.