LPD Locomotives

Power Corrupts. So, Clean the Wheels Occasionally.

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Every locomotive on my railroad has an authentic number. Indeed, many are specifically modeled from photos of the real units. There are no fantasy models here.  (Well, there’s one, but I must explain that elsewhere.)

Locomotives by Railroad:

• SP
• UP
• Amtrak
• BNSF and Component Railroads

When this model railroad began, all I could afford were blue-box Athearn units (and low-end Bachmann), which are relatively inexpensive but require a lot of additional work to look more realistic. Now I have begun adding the higher-end Athearn units, as well as Kato, Atlas, Bachmann Spectrum, Walthers, Stewart, MTH, Intermountain, and various combinations of shells and chassis.

As to my choices of locomotives: the key word is TYPICAL.   The goal is to have a representative sampling of the various classes operated during each era.  My SP units appear as they would in the timeframe 1988-1996.  UP-era power is dominated by modern GE AC4400’s and similar offerings from EMD. You get the idea.

I have installed homemade constant-intensity directional lighting circuits in many locomotives. Some are incandescent microbulbs, but I recently discovered a circuit with high-intensity LED’s that are amazing;  more will receive these as time permits.   I have a few dummy units (unpowered), but I have discovered that, with the steep grades on this line, dummies are a luxury I can seldom afford.  I’ve made it management policy to only acquire powered units going forward.

I’m also working to install ditch lights on all the modern-era stuff, especially those with DCC.