ATSF Rolling Stock

Note: These photos are mostly contemporary, i.e. taken after the BNSF merger.

Revenue Cars

ar_ettx820542 Autorack riding on ETTX , north of Alamogordo on 2/18/2008. This Union Pacific autorack train was headed east on the Golden State route with an ex-SP SD40M in the consist. The rack is in decent shape considering its age.
ar_ettx852511 Autorack riding on ETTX 852511, same train as above (2/18/2008). The taggers have gotten to this one.
atsf312910 Covered hopper 312910, from P-S, seen in Longmont, CO on 7/31/2011. The original Santa Fe herald is barely visible through the overpaint.
ATSF 313166 hc Faded and heavily-tagged hopper 313166, parked in Rincon (5/06/2016).  The tagging completely covers all data, but the identical car next to it is a P-S built in 1973.
HC ATSF313259 Covered hopper 313259, parked in Rincon (5/06/2016). It is a P-S built in January 1973.
hc_atsf313809 Covered hopper 313809, from ACF, parked in Rincon, NM on 5/09/2010.
hc_atsf315235 Covered hopper 315235, at Rincon on 10/14/2013.

Built by P-S, April 1975.

atsf315352 Covered hopper 315352, from P-S, in Longmont on 7/31/2011. It carries ATSF reporting marks but no herald now
ATSF 315775 covered hopper 4750 cu ft Covered hopper 315775, at Rincon on 7/27/2014.

Built 6/1975, Pullman Standard.

hc_atsf178571 100-ton triple hopper (open) 178571. It’s being switched around in Gallup on 4/22/2012. The taggers have found this one, unfortunately.
hc_atsf178573 100-ton triple hopper (open) 178573, on a house track a few miles west of Gallup (4/22/2012).
hc_atsf178993 100-ton triple hopper (open) 178993, on a house track a few miles west of Gallup (4/22/2012).
hc_atsf179392 100-ton triple hopper (open) 179392, on a house track a few miles west of Gallup (4/22/2012).
ATSF625446 60-foot box 625446, on a northbound NAFTA train at Rincon on 5/08/2016. This car still shows remnants of its ATSF herald and “Shock Control” logo. The marks and number have been repainted. Graffiti obscures much of the other stenciling, unfortunately.
atsf22026 This ancient 40-foot boxcar, No. 22026, was sold to the Navajo Mine railway, and has been modified for use as a catenary maintenance car (the mine RR was electric until around 2017). It’s been at the mine since the 1980’s, perhaps longer. It still carries all its ATSF markings except for a New or Built date, which may be hidden behind the partially-opened door. Friction-bearing trucks.  (8/22/2008)
ATSF169595_2021 72-foot gondola 169595, rolling through Colorado Springs on April 4, 2021.  I can’t make out any of the data, unfortunately. It’s a light-density materials gondola, which makes sense considering its length.See here for more information.
southfork Here’s a partial shot of an old gondola rebuilt into a wood-chip car. Shot is from 1982 at the pulpwood mill at South Fork, Colorado. Unfortunately we can’t read the number from the 126 print…

Non-Revenue Equipment




ATSF Caboose No. 999753.  This cab is kept at Socorro, NM for use as a shoving platform when switching the Dicaperl Minerals spur.  The car has been there for quite a while and is not protected in any way I could see. Obviously the local taggers find it an easy mark.

Top: 3/4 view from the “lit” side (12/04/2006).  Note the side ladder.  Car built by International Car in the mid-1970s.  Note that basically all windows are covered in sheet metal.

Middle: From down-sun, we see the opposite end.  The car is usually left on the tail of the wye, which is also the beginning of the spur track leading into town.

Bottom: Interior view.  The car is not locked or even closed, so I assume that nothing of value is stored (or attached) within.

atsf caboose 999146 There are two cabooses displayed at the small railroad park in Winslow, AZ. Here, caboose 999146 is seen from the cupola end.
atsf caboose 999179 The other caboose, 999179, has a platform built right up to it. There’s not enough room on the sunny side to get a decent photo.
ATSF177687_2019-07-19 Shortie ballast car 177687 is shown headed east at Lupton, AZ on 7/19/2019. It’s heavily tagged and the data is impossible to read. Note the porch covers on each end. NEW IMAGE
atsf189228 Water car 189228, parked at Rincon on 2/19/2007.  Stencils say “Domestic Water”.
ATSF container This container has been set on the ground and is now used as a storage shed in Las Cruces, NM (technically, Mesilla Park). It’s a standard 40-foot box, but all revenue markings have been painted over.  Photo taken 11/1/2009.


Santa Fe’s Amarillo derrick No. 199796, now stored at Winslow (condemned and stricken from roster). This is a 200-ton derrick, retired circa 1990. A small boom/tender car is also stored with the crane.The city has created a small park here and built a platform alongside the derrick and the three cabooses parked there. It’s a great place to watch trains without having to worry about ROW’s and sketchy neighborhoods. Too bad the light is on the wrong side for good photos.