BN Rolling Stock

Note: a goodly number (like: all) of these photos date from the post-merger era.

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Revenue Cars

bn-autorack-ettx810x68 Tri-level autorack, part of number obscured (on ETTX 810×68), rolling through Las Cruces on 11/12/2011. Sorry about the clutter; I was trapped in traffic. The car is in remarkably good condition, despite the graffiti.
BN-Autorack-BN-ETTX905108 BN tri-level auto rack, riding on ETTX flatcar 905108. It’s on a westbound BNSF train near Scholle, NM in July 2002.
bn-autorack-bn-ttgx962552 BN bi-level auto rack, on TTGX flat 962552.  It’s westbound at Belen on 10/30/2009, showing its age a bit (note that the BN logo is nearly rusted off the nameboard).
bn-autorack-bn-ttgx159855 BN autorack on TTGX 159855, westbound near Gallup on 9/11/2010.  Good to see it still in service 15 years after the merger.
bn-autorack-bn-ttgx893424 BN autorack on what looks like TTGX 893424, westbound near Gallup on 9/11/2010. This rack no longer carries the owner placard, but I was able to confirm the BN reporting mark on the end panel.
BN448360_2021 4750 cu.ft. Covered Hopper 448360, seen in Colorado Springs on 4/04/2021.
BN448528 4750 cu ft covered hopper 448528, at Rincon on 5/06/2016.

Built 9/1979 by Thrall.

BN449246 4750 cu ft covered hopper 449246, at Rincon on 5/06/2016.

Built 1/1980 by Pullman Standard.

bn-hc_bn458483 ACF 3-bay covered hopper No. 458483, seen at Rincon, NM on 5/08/2010.
bn-hc_bn458500 ACF 3-bay covered hopper No. 458500, seen at Rincon, NM on 5/08/2010.
BN467541_2021 Covered Hopper 467541, seen in Colorado Springs on 4/04/2021.

Built by Trinity.

BN468705 Covered Hopper 468705, seen in Colorado Springs on 4/04/2021.  It has freshly-replaced hatch assemblies.

Built by Trinity.

BN468820_2021 Covered Hopper 468820, seen in Colorado Springs on 4/04/2021.

Built by Trinity.

bn-hc_bn419305 ACF 100-ton 2-bay covered hopper No. 419305, in the yard at Longmont, CO on 7/31/2011. Showing its age but still serving in its original colors.
BN 461168 covered hopper Covered hopper 461168, at Rincon on 7/28/2014.

Built 5/1980 by FMC .

BN-461764 Covered hopper car No. 461764, parked at the SWRR interchange in Rincon, NM on 8/15/2006.  It’s showing the grime from many years of service.
bn-hoppersrincon-2007-02-19 Three BN covered hoppers wait in the interchange yard at Rincon, NM on 2/19/2007.  The car on the right matches the middle one in construction, but matches the left-hand car (# 460922) in lettering scheme.  It was nice to find three green cars still in BN paint together in one place in 2007.
bn-hc_socorro A pair of ACF covered hoppers are spotted at Socorro, NM.  These cars are in perlite service at time of the photo (4/29/2009).  Note the stiffener rib on the longer car on the right.
bn-hc_bn462397 BN covered hopper 462397, built by Pullman-Standard.  Spotted on an ag spur at Mesilla Park, NM (Las Cruces) on 12/12/2009.
bn-hc_bn467198 Covered hopper 467198, seen leaving Gallup on 2/21/2011.
bn-hc_bn467687 Covered hopper 467687, seen in Ruthton, MN on 9/29/2011.
bn-trailer BN had a huge fleet of highway trailers, in various lettering schemes.  One such 45′ trailer in a basic scheme was in the Rincon yard on 2/19/2007.  The number placard reads BN0 467.
BN 533157 100-ton triple hopper 533157, spotted in Gallup on 4/22/2012. It’s been re-lettered, possibly renumbered at some point. Or maybe the paint was simply damaged. Note the diamond pressed panels between each rib.
bn-ctrn231 One of the many…  a 100-ton triple hopper, now wearing CTRN reporting marks, spotted at Rocky, CO on 12/06/2008.
bn-hc_bn540747 100-ton triple hopper 540747, in Longmont on 7/31/2011.

Here’s a close-up of the data stencils.

bn-hc_bn541045 100-ton triple hopper 541045, in Longmont on 7/31/2011.
bn-hc_bn551377 100-ton triple hopper 551377, painted oxide red, in Longmont on 7/31/2011.
Intermodal Trailers- BNZ
BNZ Here are two 45-foot BNZ trailers on Rio Grande’s Railblazer train.  The near one is numbered 233944. Note the subdued logo, as compared to the trailer below.


BN0467 Trailer Here’s a vestige of the past, parked at Rincon, NM on 2/20/2007.  It’s labeled BN0467 (stacked letters) and is evidently in BNSF company service here– storage or the like.
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Non-Revenue Equipment



BN Caboose 12517.  This car was kept in Grand Junction (may still be there for all I know) for locals use.  Also built by International, but note the offset cupola– likely built in the mid-1960s.

Top: on 11/11/2001.  Note that the lower side windows are plated (common practice amongst US railroads from 1980 onward)l

Bottom: Spotted near the depot on Jan 5th, 2006.

Cabooses-BN12227-ATSF99799 Two wide-vision cabooses, or what’s left of them (BN 12227, ATSF 99799), at Gallup on 12/27/2017. Both built by International, and representing the two major pre-merger component railroads, literally all of their windows have been covered by this time. They still see some use on local movements in the area.

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