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Revenue Cars

gn bnsf 511625 Open gondola 511625 (number is a little unclear), carrying concrete ties, westbound at Pinecliffe (12/05/2008).
gn_bnsf516458 Open gondola 516458 and another unidentifiable gondola, loaded with concrete ties, moving on a trackage rights train on the Moffat.  Not your typical roster shot.  You can see the rib-edge panels attached for the new-image logo and the reporting marks.    Westbound at Rollinsville (12/05/2008).
wellcar 5-unit well car for doublestacks.  Number not legible in the photo, but definitely BNSF reporting marks.  Eastbound near Flagstaff (3/27/2008).
coilcar Coil steel car, northbound in Las Cruces on 8/15/2010.  The number is unreadable. Note that this is not a deep mill gon but essentially a reinforced flatcar with a cover
hc_atsf313809 A Santa Fe 3-bay ACF covered hopper, No. 313809, is spotted at Rincon on 5/09.2010.  Still in its original paint scheme some 15 years after the merger, it’s looking good.
hc_bnsf402085 Three-bay ACF covered hopper No. 402085.  Wears the first merger herald (pre-2005).  Westbound at Sulphur (8/09/2007).
hc_bnsf422597 Three-bay ACF covered hopper No. 422597, a 4650 cubic-foot capacity car in the original merger scheme.  It’s spotted at Rincon on 5/09/2010.
HC_BNSF429452 Covered hopper No. 429452, rib-sided (P-S?).  Parked at Rincon, NM (8/15/2006)
bnsf 436932 Covered hopper No. 436932, rib-sided. It’s a repaint built in 1980, and sports some of the more creative graffiti I’ve ever seen.

Photographed at Rincon on 5/06/2016.

hc_bnsf469122 Covered hopper 469122, northbound at Las Cruces on 8/15/2010.  It wears the New Image lettering.
hc_bnsf_406225 2-bay covered hopper No.  (ACF).  Used in soda ash service.  Data reads: LD LMT 207900, LT WT 55100   (12/05/2008)
hc_bnsf479363 3-bay cylindrical hopper No. 479363, northbound at Las Cruces (8/11/2009).  Built by Trinity.
hc_bnsf480914 3-bay cylindrical hopper No. 480914, northbound at Las Cruces (8/15/2010).
bx_bnsf722726 50-foot modern boxcar 722726, in the new Wedge scheme.  This car is seen on UP’s North Fork sub near Delta, CO on 4/16/2010.
bx_bnsf781403 60-foot box 781403 on 8/15/2010 at Las Cruces.  New-image lettering. It sure doesn’t take the graffiti “artists” very long to deface these new cars anymore…
bx_bnsf782961 60-foot box 782961 on 8/15/2010 at Las Cruces.  Earlier BNSF merger herald
bx_bnsf781628 60-foot Boxcar 781628, at Gallup on 9/11/2010.  Earlier BNSF merger herald.  There was a sizeable block of these cars on the train.
bx_bnsf782235 60-foot Boxcar 782235, at Gallup on 9/11/2010.  Earlier BNSF merger herald. Pretty sure that this is relettered from ATSF marks.
ar-bnsf-ettx711097. BNSF tri-level auto rack, riding on ETTX flatcar 711097.  It’s on a westbound BNSF train at Belen, 10/30/2009.  Original merger logo applied to one end only, with no separate herald panel.
ar-bnsf-ettx852848 BNSF tri-level auto rack, riding on ETTX flatcar 852848.  It’s on a westbound BNSF train at Belen, 10/30/2009.  Original merger logo applied to both ends, with no herald panel.
AR TTGX952353 BN 26044 Autorack on TTGX 952353, rack No.  26044. It has the New Image herald.

Seen in Gallup on 12/27/2017.

BNSF 300769 rack 28869 Autorack on BNSF 300769, rack No. 28869. New Image herald. Notice how the end of the rack is stenciled with the flatcar’s number, not the rack number (this is usual practice, just an interesting detail). This car is so new, it doesn’t even have graffiti yet!

Seen in Gallup on 12/27/2017.

BNSF 300329 Bi-level autorack on BNSF 300329. Rack number has been graffitied over. This car has the “wagon wheel” herald on a panel.

Seen in Gallup on 12/27/2017.

BNSF CTTX690469 Multi-Max autorack No. 34319 on CTTX690469. These racks from Gunderson (Greenbrier) have on-site-adjustable racks, enabling shippers to switch between two and three decks without having to actually remove one. Note the broad yellow panels towards each end.

Las Cruces, 4/04/2015.

ettx907697 bnsf Tri-level autorack on ETTX 907697, rack No. 30097.

Las Cruces, 8/03/2015.

ettx907840 bnsf ettx907840

Las Cruces, 8/03/2015.

ettx909378 bnsf ettx909378

Las Cruces, 8/03/2015.

ettx909598 bnsf ettx909598

Las Cruces, 8/03/2015.

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Non-Revenue Equipment




ATSF Caboose No. 999753.  This cab is kept at Socorro, NM for use as a shoving platform when switching the Dicaperl Minerals spur.  The car has been there for quite a while and is not protected in any way I could see. Obviously the local taggers find it an easy mark.

Top: 3/4 view from the “lit” side (12/04/2006).  Note the side ladder.  Car built by International Car in the mid-1970s.  Note that basically all windows are covered in sheet metal.

Middle: From down-sun, we see the opposite end.  The car is usually left on the tail of the wye, which is also the beginning of the spur track leading into town.

Bottom: Interior view.  The car is not locked or even closed, so I assume that nothing of value is stored (or attached) within.



BN Caboose 12517.  This car was kept in Grand Junction (may still be there for all I know) for locals use.  Also built by International, but note the offset cupola– likely built in the mid-1960s.

Top: on 11/11/2001.  Note that the lower side windows are plated (common practice amongst US railroads from 1980 onward)l

Bottom: Spotted near the depot on Jan 5th, 2006.

Cabooses-BN12227-ATSF99799 Two wide-vision cabooses, or what’s left of them (BN 12227, ATSF 99799), at Gallup on 12/27/2017. Both built by International, and representing the two major pre-merger component railroads, literally all of their windows have been covered by this time. They still see some use on local movements in the area.
bal_bnsf912607 Ballast car 912607, on a lengthy train of similar cars at Ruthton, MN. (9/29/2011)
bnsf 902834 Side-dump 50 cu yd ballast/rock car 902834, seen at Mesilla Park, NM, 2/15/2015.
bnsf 901507 48 cu yd Ballast/rock car 901507, seen at Mesilla Park, NM, 5/11/2013
bnsf 902750 52 cu yd Ballast/rock car 902750, seen at Mesilla Park, NM, 5/11/2013
BNSF902421 Side-dump 50 cu yd ballast/rock car 902421, Thoreau, NM.  Note it is loaded with rock.


BNSF902787 Side-dump 52 cu yd ballast/rock car 902787, Thoreau, NM


BNSF902788 Side-dump 52 cu yd ballast/rock car 902788, Thoreau, NM


BNSF903059 Maintenance-of-way flat 930509, seen with a load of panel track in Denver on 12/16/2014.

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