General Electric introduced its Dash 8 series of locomotives in the mid-1980s, and Santa Fe ordered the wide-cab versions in both the four-axle (1990) and six-axle variants (1992-93). The Dash-8’s were followed soon after with the uprated Dash-9’s, and for a number of years GE dominated the North American locomotive market. BNSF inherited and purchased thousands of GE’s of various types, but especially the C44-9W.

This page has a sampling of roster photos of GE types that BNSF has owned, spanning models built from 1985 through the C44-9W run. Within each category, photos are arranged in numerical order.

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G E 4-Axle Units

B40-8W No. 507
Top: It is on the point of a westbound freight departing Gallup on 2/21/2011. Delivered as ATSF 507 in October 1990, it retains its number but now wears H2 paint. Ironically, the air conditioner was swapped out and replaced by one in warbonnet colors! Also note the mismatched battery doors.Bottom: here it’s parked in Springfield, Missouri on Aug. 11th, 2016 along with three sister units. Note that the AC box has either been painted or it’s received a new one since the above photo.Built October 1990.
B40-8W No. 508 is parked in Gallup on 6/24/2012. BNSF was keeping a number of four-axle units in this area for local and switching purposes around this time.

Built October 1990.

bnsf511 B40-8W No. 511, seen in Springfield, MO on 8/11/2016. Seeing four units of the same class (not C44’s, that is) parked together was a treat.

Built October 1990.

bnsf523 B40-8W No. 523, seen in Springfield, MO on 8/11/2016.

Built October 1990.

bnsf537 B40-8W No. 537, seen in Springfield, MO on 8/11/2016. I climbed the slope of the bridge embankment to get this photo, and paid for it with about 30 chigger bites…

Delivered to AT&SF in October 1990.


BNSF 552

B40-8W No. 552, still mostly in Santa Fe paint.

Top: It is parked in Gallup on 9/24/2011. The paint is extremely faded for the most part. Too bad the sun was on the wrong side, here…

Bottom: same problem with sun. Opposite side view, but in nearly the exact same location on 4/22/2012. I wish the Gallup facility was visible from some direction other than North. Oh well…

Delivered to AT&SF in November 1990.

BNSF 563 B40-8 No. 563. This is not the original B40-8W bought by Santa Fe; this is a standard-cab rebuild given this number later. Here it’s on the Gallup local on 4/27/2016.
bnsf4274_nee_6417 B23-7 No. 4274, originally ATSF 6417. Here it’s seen at Belen on July 20, 2002.

Built December 1985.

B40-8 No. 8604. Painted in the first Heritage scheme (later known as H1), it is serving as the Longmont, CO switcher (8/31/2008). Originally ATSF 7414 (built June 1988).
bnsf8608 B40-8 No. 8608, at Belen on July 20, 2002. Originally ATSF 7418, built June 1988.
bnsf8620-gallup-2002-01-26 B40-8 No. 8620. It’s leading an eastbound freight into Gallup, NM on 1/26/2002. Originally ATSF 7430, built April 1989, it was painted in H1 about 10 months prior to this photo.
BNSF 8639 B40-8 No. 8639. Painted in the H1 scheme, it is paired with No. 8604 serving as the Longmont switcher (8/31/2008). It looks like some kind of spill has faded the sill paint over the rear truck. Originally ATSF 7449 (built April 1989).
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G E 6-Axle Units:
Dash 8-40C (or C40-8W) – Santa Fe Super Fleet alumni

No. 876 is running east at Prewitt on 1/09/2014. Sad to see these units, once the Belles of the Ball, now looking so tattered, but good to see them being utilized again.

Built April 1993.



No. 919, a C40-8W delivered in July 1993 to the AT&SF (as a Dash 8-40CW). One of those times when, had I been paying better attention to the objects in the viewfinder, I would have gotten a better angle for a full portrait. Instead we have these two detail photos. (4/26/2014, Grand Junction, Colorado)

Built July 1993.

No. 950 is a C41-8W variant, of which only 25 were delivered. Seen here in Gallup on 10/15/2013. During this period, many units mothballed for years were coming back out on the rails.

Built October 1993.

G E 6-Axle Units:





C44-9W Walkaround (Also referred to as a DASH 9-44CW)Here are four views of the former AT&SF No. 629, resting at Rincon on 9/07/2009. Still in original paint fifteen years after delivery (Feb 1994), it has the usual BNSF modifications: yellow sill stripes (FRA mandated), and “BNSF” lettered under the cab number.

Note that the air conditioner has been swapped with one from an orange BNSF unit.

These images are fairly large, to better show details.

atsf618_1998 AT&SF No. 618, Leading west out of Needles at dusk on 5/23/1998. Still in full Santa Fe paint, no BNSF patch yet, nearly two years post-merger.Built February 1994.
atsf 630 bnsf No. 630, coming into Flagstaff from the west on 3/27/2008. Still in original Santa Fe paint, but note the missing letters on the side. Contrast the “BNSF” reporting marks with those on No. 629 above.Built February 1994.
I spotted No. 633 in Gallup on 10/15/2013. Faded but welcome.

Built February 1994.

BNSF 646 No. 646, still in ATSF paint, coming into Gallup with an eastbound autorack train on 12/27/2017.

Built March 1994.

Two views of C44-9W No. 656, still in Santa Fe paint (albeit faded). She’s being hostled at Belen on 1/09/2014.

Built September 1994.

atsf661 AT&SF No. 661 was westbound near Holbrook in May 1998, unpatched as of yet.

Built August 1994.

atsf 679 No. 679 rolls southbound through Longmont, CO on 7/31/2010. This unit was built in August 1994, which makes it 16 years old at time of photo. Still in original Santa Fe paint and number, it’s getting pretty faded, carries a swapped air conditioner behind the cab and a tiny, peeling BNSF legend under the cabside number.

Built August 1994.

bnsf 681 No. 681, at Hot Sulphur Springs, CO on 8/09/2007. The air conditioner has been swapped on this unit.

Built August 1994 for the ATSF, re-lettered sometime later.

atsf688 No. 688, seen in Grand Junction, CO on 11/11/2001. Nearly 7 years post-merger and still pristine…

Built September 1994.

BNSF 727 No. 727, in New Image paint, east of Flagstaff on 3/27/2008.Note the six steps up to the pilot deck. The earlier versions delivered to the Santa Fe had only five.

This unit delivered July 1997.

BNSF731_2019 No. 731, at Gallup on 1/21/2019. The fence is unfortunate, but my options were limited at that moment.

Built for BNSF in July 1997.

BNSF741_2019 No. 741, west of Gallup on 1/21/2019. The blurriness is due to the air being full of blowing snow.

Built for BNSF in August 1997.

No. 744, at Coal Creek Canyon, CO (on the former D&RGW) on 12/5/2008.

Built August 1997 (two years after formation of BNSF).

No. 767, headed west out of Gallup on 4/22/2012.

Built September 1997.

No. 782, rolling northbound into Longmont, CO on 7/31/2012. This is one of those over-the-shoulder shots you squeeze off while in traffic. The train got to the crossing before us, making a properly-lit view impossible.Built September 1997.
bnsf787 No. 787, parked in Springfield, MO on 8/11/2016. Hard to get a good shot of it where it was parked, but that’s what telephoto is for, right?Delivered September 1997.
bnsf967 No. 967 is on an eastbound doublestack train, climbing the last half-mile of the Continental Divide on 1/21/2019.

Built August 1996.

No. 971 leads a northbound freight through Las Cruces on May 12, 2007.

Built August 1996.

BNSF982_2021 No. 982 is running northbound on the Joint Line near Baptist Road on 1/16/2021 (a remarkably unspoiled location for photos, by the way).

She has some kind of pressure cylinders hanging just behind the fuel tank; not sure what that is about.

Built August 1996.

No. 1010, tied up at Rincon, NM on 5/09/2010. Still in H1 paint, this unit was built in September 1996 (Not October 1996 as some sources state) and was one of the earlier units delivered in the orange H1 scheme.

Middle: a nose-on portrait.

Here is the builder’s plate on this locomotive.

The Heritage-1 Dash-9’s had silver trucks and tanks. Contrast to the EMD H1 units and the B40-8’s shown above, which have green trucks and tanks.

Bottom photo: Same unit, same place, different day (July 11, 2010). I loved the brooding clouds in this view, plus it shows off the long flank of the locomotive. Note also that the H1’s didn’t have the “wagon wheel” herald on the rear end, unlike the H2’s as shown here.

BNSF1012 1997-October No. 1012 is leading an eastbound train at Saiz on 10/11/1997.

Built October 1996, so it’s a year old in this photo.

BNSF1030 2004 No. 1030 was on the point of a freight eastbound at Kingman, AZ on June 12, 2004. Here the train is switching some cars at an industry on the east side of town.  NEW PHOTO
BNSF1033 No. 1033 was the trailing unit on an eastbound stacker near Coolidge, NM on 10/31/2021.

Built October 1996 and starting to turn a bit salmon-colored at age 25. NEW PHOTO

BNSF1034_2020 No. 1034 is shown here undergoing some kind of high-altitude emissions testing in Alamosa, Colorado (8/07/2020). Here’s the builder’s plate. NEW PHOTO

Built October 1996.

No. 1037 is fourth on an eastbound freight at Gallup on 9/11/2010. Note that it has picked up an air conditioner that was originally installed on a Warbonnet unit.

Built October 1996.

No. 1043 is leading on a southbound autorack train in Las Cruces on 11/12/2011. (The traffic wasn’t kind to me; this was the best shot I could manage).

Built October 1996.

BNSF1046 No. 1046, stopped near Church Rock, NM on 10/31/2021. NEW PHOTO
Built October 1996, so it’s having its 25th birthday in this photo.
BNSF 1047

BNSF 1047_C

No. 1047, both sides, running as a remote on a westbound freight at Perea and East Gallup, 12/27/2017.

Built November 1996.

bnsf-needles-01 No. 1050 leads an eastbound train down the hill into Needles at dusk on 5/23/1998.

Built in November 1996, it’s only 18 months old.

BNSF1080-1997-10-13 I just discovered this image in my files: C44-9W No. 1080 coming into Mountainair from the east on October 11, 1997. NEW PHOTO
bnsf1116 No. 1116 leading an eastbound trackage-rights freight (MSTODEN?) up the 2% grade to the Moffat Tunnel on 8/14/1999. (detail from larger photo)


Thirteen-plus years later, we find No. 1116 in Rincon, New Mexico, stationed there for local duty.

TOP: Standard roster shot.

Bottom: closer view of the cab, including a good look at the air conditioner, which has been swapped off of a Warbonnet unit. It figures, with all those Warbonnets carrying orange AC units, that the red ones must be going somewhere

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No. 4038 is on a westbound stack/autorack train at Perea, NM on 9/11/2010.Built July 2003.
No. 4042 leading an eastbound stack train through Springfield, MO on 9/03/2013.
Built July 2003.
bnsf4087 No. 4087 is resting at Rincon, NM on 11/04/2012. It’s on the point of a work train that has stopped there to set out cars. No. 4971 is on the drawbar, and an ES44 in the 7000 series behind that. Here is the builder’s plate for the 4087. It could be more clear, but I was limited to using my cell phone camera for these photos…
KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA No. 4108 is third in the consist of an eastbound freight at Gallup on 9/11/2010. Note the interesting patch to the paint job on the side. Evidently the unit was a victim of a GE exhaust-stack torch. Some shop slapped on some primer to cover the scorch mark, sloppily.
Built December 2002
bnsf4149 No. 4149 leads a westbound piggyback train through Thoreau on 12/27/2017.

Built September 2002.

No. 4334, tied up at Rincon, NM on 3/07/2010. The 4334 was built in February 1999, part of an order of 400 such units delivered between January 1999 and April 2000
No. 4350, running second on an eastbound stack train in Springfield, MO (9/03/2013). Unit delivered February 1999.
KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA No. 4374, tied up at Rincon, NM on 12/13/2009– right in the shadow of the silo, unfortunately. The 4374 was built in March 1999.

Two views of No. 4388, parked at Rincon on 12/13/2009. This unit arrived in April 1999. Here is the builder’s plate and emissions data.

(I’m really getting to like Rincon as a place to get roster shots– it’s right off the highway, accessible, and quiet.)

bnsf4402_2002 No. 4402, running as a DPU on the Moffat on 3/28/2002. Here is a nice shot of the back end. Though backlit, I’ve managed to adjust the light so it’s more visible. You can see the herald on the end, which on the H1 scheme had been on the nose instead.
No. 4406 is on the point of a westbound freight at Gallup on 2/21/2011. The sign in the background is a quintessential Route 66 motif…
No. 4412, in the siding at Sulphur, CO on 8/09/2007.

Built April 1999.

dsc_2310 No. 4531, approaching Gallup from the east on 12/27/2017.

Built September 1999.

No. 4592 is second on an eastbound freight at Gallup on 9/11/2010.Built November 1999 and still looking good.
No. 4602 is rolling east through Gallup on 9/24/2011. Note the burn-scarred paint and primer coverup.Built December 1999.
No. 4616 is on the point of an eastbound freight at Ruthton, MN on 9/29/2011. (Notice the “triclops” SD60M to the left; see here.)

Built January 2000.

No. 4621, in a howling ground blizzard at Rollinsville, CO on 12/5/2008.

Built Jan 2000.

No. 4682 is parked on the service track in Gallup on 9/11/2010.

Built March 2000.

bnsf4715 No. 4715 is spotted at dusk in Springfield, MO on 8/11/2016. Notable about this view is that the unit is now wearing the New Image scheme. Originally it wore the “fauxbonnet” scheme, red/silver with BNSF lettering. Delivered September 1997.
BNSF4716_2000-04 Here’s No. 4716 in its original paint, in a grab shot at Thoreau in April 2000. Part of a very small group of units (4700-4719) delivered in Warbonnet, or “fauxbonnet” paint.
No. 4745, near Flagstaff on 3/27/2008.

Built April 1998, first of a batch of 255 units delivered between then and the following January.

No. 4762, leaving Gallup westbound on 10/15/2013.

Built May 1998.

No. 4778, tied up at Rincon, NM on 3/07/2010.

Built in June 1998.

No. 4847, two views:
TOP: Shoving on the rear of a westbound freight at Coal Creek Canyon, CO.BOTTOM: Same train, approaching Pinecliffe, CO on 12/5/2008.Built August 1998.
bnsf4866 No. 4866 is running third on a westbound pig train at Thoreau, NM (12/27/2017).

Built September 1998.

No. 4867 is leading a westbound ballast train at Ruthton, Minnesota, 9/29/2011.

Built September 1998

No. 4928, near Flagstaff on 3/27/2008.

Built October 1998.

bnsf4941 No. 4941, seen at the SWRR interchange at Rincon on 7/29/2916. This was an eastbound empty coal train. Sometimes one must walk up to one of these to truly appreciate how big they are.

Here is the Builder’s Plate. Built November 1998.

bnsf4956 No. 4956, in the BNSF yard in Denver on 12/18/2014.

Built November 1998

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No. 5028 is at West Gallup on 9/11/2010.

Built August 2004.

bnsf5065 No. 5065 is in the BNSF yard in Denver on 12/17/2014.

Built July 2004.

No. 5088 is rolling east at West Gallup on 9/11/2010, passing a westbound JB Hunt train.

Built June 2004.

bnsf5122 No. 5122 is parked in the yard in Gallup, 12/02/2014.

Built May 2004.

No. 5165 is leading a southbound grain train at Sioux Falls, SD, on 10/1/2011.

Built April 2004.

No. 5173, running third at Rollinsville, CO on 12/05/2008.

Built November 2003, which accounts for the good-looking paint.

No. 5213, northbound NAFTA train in Las Cruces with No. 4595. The 5213 was built September 2003, the 4595 in November 1999.
No. 5218 is second (of two units) on a westbound container train at West Gallup on 9/11/2010.

Built September 2003.

No. 5238, seen at Belen on 1/09/2014.

Built April 2002.

bnsf5248 No. 5248 is on a westbound piggyback train at Thoreau, 12/27/2017.

Built April 2002.

No. 5260 leads a southbound freight across 3rd Ave. in Longmont, CO on 7/31/2010. Built April 2002 and not particularly faded in this shot.
No. 5264, coming into Flagstaff on 3/27/2008.

Built April 2002.

BNSF 5272 No. 5272, approaching Gallup on 12/27/2017.

Built August 2001.

Cluttered view of No. 5285 rolling east through Springfield, MO on 9/03/2013 on a stack train. Built August 2001
No. 5290 is on an eastbound freight at Ruthton, Minnesota, 9/29/2011.Built July 2001.
Nos. 5319 and 5123 have been serviced at the Belen fuel rack and are ready to go back on the road.
bnsf5385 No. 5385 is on a Cheyenne-bound freight as it curls out of the yard and onto the Front Range sub in downtown Denver, 12/16/2014. Most of the units of this series are now extremely faded. Built November 2000.
KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA No. 5396, east of Pinecliffe, CO on 12/5/2008. Built October 2000, and is one of the badly-faded units seen from time to time. The color is more salmon than orange!
No. 5446 leads an eastbound out of Byers Canyon, CO on 8/09/2007.
bnsf5448-gallup-2002-01-26 No. 5448, at west Gallup on 1/26/2002. In this shot it was being moved around the yard by itself; I never did see why. (Pardon the traffic light in the image…) We liked it because it matched our phone number at the time!
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