Welcome to the new internet home of one of the oldest western railfan sites on the ‘net.  Initially with a focus on the Denver & Rio Grande Western, the site has expanded to include many of the other lines in the Mountain time zone.

But we’re not just about railroading here.  With the move to WordPress, I will now be able to expand to include some other non-rail interests, particularly military aircraft, navy ships (operational and historical), and a research section focusing on the US Army’s 38th Division in WW2.  More to come on all of these fronts.

The blog section contains my thoughts on a variety of related topics.  These include contemporary and historical railroading, model topics (ships as well as trains), humor, and the occasional rant about cats.

Longtime visitors may notice that things look a bit different around here.  That’s because I am migrating to a new web host. The features and functionality are a lot better, but it’s a time-consuming process to migrate over 7,000 images and re-link them.  Please be patient while reconstruction goes on.  I’ve already recreated most major zones of the site, and am steadily chipping away at the rest.  Check back often for updates.