D&S Cars

Passenger Equipment

The Durango & Silverton operates something over 40 passenger cars of various types.  About half are enclosed coaches, with another 17 open gondolas, four private first-class cars, four concession cars, and two home-built glass-topped open observation cars.

Here are photos of nearly all the cars.  The car roster is actually something of a moving target, what with ongoing restorations and the occasional renaming of cars.

(See Wikipedia for more details)

Concession Cars

There are four of these.  Only 212 and 126 are mates, although inside they are all laid out about the same.

Concession212-2006 Concession Car 212 is a converted coach.  These
usually run dead-center in the train.
Concession64-2007 Concession Car 64 is a converted RPO.
Concession 566 2007 Concession Car 566, converted from Mail Car No. 14,
seen in Silverton on 8/10/2007.
Concession 126 2007 Concession car 126, built in 1883 as baggage car 27.



Combine 213 Bitter Root Mine

Combine 213  is an ADA-accessible coach, equipped with a wheelchair lift.  Top: Lettered “HOME RANCH”, in 2006.

Bottom: relettered “BITTER ROOT MINE” in mid-2008, evidently when repainted.

Coach257-SHENANDOAH-2014 Coach 257, “SHENANDOAH”.  Duck-bill roof.
Coach270Pinkerton-2006 Coach 270, “PINKERTON” in 2006.

Later upgraded and renamed ” Yankee Girl” (see below).

Coach291KingMine-2006 Coach 291, “KING MINE”, open vestibule
Coach311-McPHEE Coach 311, “McPHEE”.  Duck-bill roof. Coach319Needleton-2006 Coach 319, “NEEDLETON”,
is an enclosed-vestibule coach.
Coach323-ANIMAS_CITY Coach 323, “ANIMAS CITY”. Enclosed vestibule. Coach327Durango-2006 Coach 327, “DURANGO”, enclosed vestibule
Coach 330 Cascade 2010 Coach 330, “CASCADE”, open vestibule coach 331 Trimble 2010 Coach 331, “TRIMBLE”, open vestibule
Coach 332 La Plata 2009 Coach 332, “LA PLATA” DSNG 333 TACOMA Coach 333, “TACOMA”, open vestibule


Coach 334 Hermosa 2010 Coach 334, “HERMOSA”, open vestibule Coach335-ElkPark Coach 335,”Elk Park”
Coach 336 Rockwood 2010 Coach 336, “ROCKWOOD”, open vestibule Coach337SanJuan-2006 Coach 337, “SAN JUAN”, is a steel-sided coach, though
overlain by wood.Later renamed “FORT LEWIS”

Open Gondola Cars

Gondola400-2005 Gondola No. 400, the lowest numbered. These cars were all converted from standard-gauge boxcars or stock cars, except for No. 410. Gondola 401 Gondola No. 401, in Silverton on 8/14/2012.
Gondola402 Gondola 402, on the High Line. You can see the Animas Gorge in the background.
Gondola404-2005 Gondola No. 404, speeding past with riders delirious
to be nearly home.
gondola 406 2010 Gondola No. 406, as seen on March 13, 2010.
Gondola 407 Gondola No. 407, in the yard in Durango. Gondola408 Gondola No. 408, on the High Line.
Gondola 409 Gondola No. 409, seen from the General Palmer hotel. Gondola-2004-07 Gondola of unknown number, thanks to the
strategically-placed foliage, passing under highway 550 in 2004.
Gondola 411 Gondola No. 411, in the yard in Durango. Gondola 412 Gondola No. 412, parked at Rockwood.
Gondola413-2006 Gondola No. 413,
crossing highway 550.
Gondola414-2004-07 Gondola No. 414, leaving Rockwood.
Gondola 415 Gondola 415 on the High Line. Gondola 416 2007 Gondola 416, in Durango.  Shown as the consist
is being turned for the following day’s run.

Premium Gondolas

Silver Vista 313PremiumClassCars-2016 630 313 350 Glass-top observation SILVER VISTA (No. 313).
This car was built in 2006, but the design is based on the original car of the same name that ran dbetween 1947 and 1953, when it was tragically lost in a roundhouse fire in Alamosa.   Note the flying lettering.
Gondola 410 Rio Grande


Gondola No. 410, aka RIO GRANDE.

This car was built in 1987, originally numbered 1002.  It was painted like the rest of the gondola fleet;  for a while it carried the name SILVER VISTA, until the 313 version was built.  The 410 is configured as a luxury observation car, with better seating and repainted Tuscan to match the other first-class cars.

314 Knight Sky Gondola Observation No. 314, aka KNIGHT SKY. Built by the D&SNG in early 2012 with a strong resemblance to the Silver Vista, this car is equipped with removable windows (installed during fall and winter so it can be enclosed in cold weather).

Premium and Private Cars

Alamosa-2004 First-class Parlor car ALAMOSA (No. 350), as seen in
RW7 First-class Parlor car ALAMOSA (No. 350), as seen in
2000.  Prior to being repainted Tuscan.  Parlor class.
Coach 630 Prospector Coach 630, “PROSPECTOR”, 3/13/2010). Tall Timber 632 A TALL TIMBER coach (No. 632), seen on the
High Line on 8/22/2009.
CincoAnimas-2001-08 Business car  CINCO ANIMAS (No. B-2) in August 2001.
Presidential Class.
CincoAnimas-2006 CINCO ANIMAS (No. B-2), July 31, 2006.
B7 General Palmer Private Car GENERAL PALMER (No. B-7), in Durango on August 26, 2007. Reserved for President Harper and his party. D&S B3 Nomad Business Car NOMAD (No. B-3) in Silverton on August 10, 2007.
Presidential class.
Coach270-YankeeGirl Car 270, “YANKEE GIRL“, seen at Shalona (6/29/2016). Coach converted to a first class car. Coach312-SanJuan Car 312, “SAN JUAN“, approaching the 550 overpass on a snowy  December day in 2015.


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