BNSF inherited a plethora of various EMD locomotives from its component railroads. EMD was long the majority builder of locomotives in North America, but lost that position around the same time that BNSF was formed. But thousands of existing units were folded into the new railroad and kept earning their keep long after.

In recent years EMD has undergone something of a resurgence, and BNSF has been starting once more to buy their products, particularly the SD70ACe models.

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E M D 4-Axle Units

bnsf 3469 SW15 (SW1500) No. 3469, at Seattle on 7/24/2009.

Originally BN 323, built in January 1973.

BNSF 2623 GP35 No. 2623 was in Denver on 7/29/2007, in the engine service area and mated with a leased GP40. Originally built in 1965 and rebuilt in 1981, this is the fourth number the unit has worn. It’s a typical early BNSF patch unit, and other than the swapped orange appliances on the roof, it’s basically in Santa Fe configuration. Note the lack of plow.
BNSF 2227 GP38 No. 2227, parked in Gallup on 9/24/2011. Apologies for the clutter, this was the only vantage point available…

Built August 1970 as ATSF 3537, rebuilt 1985 as ATSF 2337.

BNSF 2954 GP39-2 No. 2954 is switching at Belen on 8/18/2007. This is the former ATSF No. 3197 nee 3700 (built April 1980).
bnsf 2967 GP39V No. 2967 is seen in Longmont, CO on 7/30/2011. This unit was originally built in 1965 as Louisville & Nashville’s GP35 No. 1103. It later went to the Seaboard, and CSX, and was rebuilt in September 1990 as a GP39V, when it went to the BN. It still carries its original BN number.
BNSF3034-Gallup-2019 GP40X No. 3034, seen at Gallup not long after being rebuilt and repainted. Note the flared radiator sections and the three-way front numberboards.  Photographed on New Years Eve 2019 (the last day of the decade).

Originally AT&SF 3804, built April 1978.

bn 3118 GP50 No. 3118 is switching in Winslow, AZ on 10/15/2013, still in original paint and number but now equipped for radio-control operation.

Delivered to BN in July 1985.

bn 3120 GP50 No. 3120 and GP40E No. 3552 were photographed westbound near Abo, NM (10/10/1997).

3120 built July 1985. 3552 originally built for the CB&Q in 12/1966, rebuilt 12/89.

bn 3147 GP50 No. 3147 is working in Longmont, CO on 7/30/2011. This unit still wears its original BN number, and was originally delivered in September 1985. The logo and lettering on the long hood is faded but still visible.
BNSF 3151 GP50 No. 3151, seen at Seattle on 7/24/3009.

Originally BN 3151, it was built in October 1985. Here it’s in mothballs.

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GP60 Models

BNSF inherited all its GP60, GP60M, and GP60B units from the Santa Fe half of the merger. The standard-cab, blue and yellow Warbonnet units were renumbered from ATSF’s 4000 series to BNSF 8700 series, though not repainted otherwise. In 2014 these were renumbered again into the 100 series (above the GP60Ms), not in sequence.

The Super-fleet red/silver units retained original ATSF numbers, even when being repainted into BNSF colors.

Repaints have been done in various styles over time, from simply replacing the ATSF letters with BNSF, to complete repaints in H1 (GP60M’s only), H2, and Simplified New Image.

For some odd reason, the red paint on these units has held up over time far better than that on some contemporary GE locomotives, which tends to oxidize and chalk badly.


BNSF100 July 2019 Gallup

GP60M No. 100, the class unit of this series.

Top: helping move a string of wellcars with containerized pressure vessels in Belen (7/20/2002).

Bottom: In Gallup on July 19, 2019, after being repainted into the simplified New Image scheme.

BNSF 108

BNSF 108

GP60M No. 108 in Winslow, AZ on 10/15/2013. There’s only so much one can do sometimes to get a shot. The south side was relatively unobstructed but the neighborhood is frankly pretty sketchy, and I was not going to get out of my car to poke a lens through the chain link…I was fortunate to be able to see it from both sides. The neighborhood north of the tracks is not much better, incidentally. The unit has acquired a tiny amount of graffiti. Built May 1990.
BNSF109 1-21-2019 Gallup GP60M No. 109, seen in Gallup on 1/29/2019, looking sharp in New Image (simplified).
BNSF121 4/27/2016 GP60M No. 121, seen in Gallup on 4/27/2016. One of the few that was painted into H2 and still wearing it at this date.
bnsf123-gallup-2002-01-26 GP60M No. 123, trailing into Gallup on an eastbound freight on 1/26/2002.
BNSF124 4/27/2016 GP60M No. 124, seen working on a local east of Gallup on 4/27/2016. It’s suffered a pretty severe tagging (the other side is worse).
BNSF 126 GP60M No. 126 is parked in Gallup at dusk on 6/24/2012. Looks just as good as it did ten years before (shown below). There were several other GP60s of various classes in the yard this day, but none where they could be photographed.


GP60Ms No. 127 (ATSF) and 126 (BNSF), in Belen on July 20, 2002. Both delivered new to the ATSF in June 1990, they’ve just had their twelfth birthdays. No. 127 was not patched in any way at that time.
BNSF 129 GP60M No. 129, parked in Gallup on 4/22/2012. Bad location for photos but a beautiful unit even after 22 years.
BNSF 134 GP60M No. 134, switching at the east end of the yard in Gallup (part of a 3-unit lashup). I was stuck in traffic and had a good view of the show, but photos were more difficult. Built July 1990; unsure when it was repainted.
BNSF142 4/27/2016 GP60M No. 142, spotted in Gallup on 4/27/2016 and now wearing the simplified New Image scheme.
bnsf153 GP60M No. 153, leading an eastbound at Belen on July 20, 2002. Delivered August 1990.
bnsf155-rincon-2006-12-05 GP60M No. 155 waits at Rincon, NM on 12/5/2006. This wide-cab unit was delivered to the ATSF in August 1990 wearing the red/silver Warbonnet scheme. The large letters were changed after the merger; otherwise it’s in original paint.
atsf158 GP60M No. 158 is on a westbound freight departing Gallup on 2/21/2011. It was one of three GP60’s of various versions on this train. Delivered September 1990, it’s looking great after over 20 years of service.
BNSF200 1/21/2019 Gallup GP60M No. 200, in Gallup on 1/21/2019. This unit actually began life as GP60B No. 347. It was rebuilt circa 2014 by adding the (standard) cab from an SD40-2, which also required relocating the dynamic brake systems.
BNSF 8701 GP60 No. 8701 is switching at Gallup on 2/21/2011. Delivered as ATSF 4001 in May 1988. This group of 40 standard-cab GP60’s were the last standard-cab 4-axle units purchased by the Santa Fe. The lower-numbered units had the older style dynamic brake blisters as seen here.
BNSF 8702 GP60 No. 8702 is trailing unit on a westbound freight at Gallup on 2/21/2011. I was amazed to see four 4-axle units on a mainline freight in 2011 (the consist was 507/8720/158/8702). Its paint is starting to show some wear. Originally ATSF 4002.
BNSF 8704 GP60 No. 8704, switching west Gallup on 10/15/2013. Built May 1988, it’s 25 years old here. Note the Phase I dynamic brake blisters.
BNSF 8708

BNSF 8708

GP60 No. 8708, stationed in Longmont, CO as switcher on 7/31/2010. Always great to see a Warbonnet unit these days. Originally ATSF 4008.Bottom: A front view from the conductor’s side. From this angle you can see the Phase I dynamic brake housings, plus numerous other details. I could find no builder’s plate on this unit, which is too bad– a photo close-up would have been nice.
BNSF 8712 GP60 No. 8712 is is switching in Gallup, 4/22/2012. Former ATSF 4012, with the Phase I dynamic brakes. This one has a small patch of tagging visible now.
BNSF 8716 GP60 No. 8716 is buried in the yard in Gallup, 9/24/2011. Former ATSF 4016, with the Phase I dynamic brakes.
BNSF 8720 GP60 No. 8720 is trailing unit on a westbound freight at Gallup on 2/21/2011. I was amazed to see four 4-axle units on a mainline freight in 2011 (the consist was 507/8720/158/8702). Its paint is starting to show some wear. This unit and the higher-numbered ones have the phase II dynamic brake housings. Originally ATSF 4020.
BNSF 8726 GP60 No. 8726 is switching the west end of Gallup yard on 10/15/2013, out in the open and beautiful. Built May 1988.
BNSF 8729

BNSF188 former 8729 former ATSF 4029

GP60 No. 8729.

Top: it is switching at Gallup on 2/21/2011. (Sorry about the fence.)

Bottom: Shortly after renumbering to 188, seen again in Gallup on December 2, 2014.

Delivered May 1988 with the rest of the class, as ATSF 4029.

BNSF 8730 GP60 No. 8730 is parked at Gallup, buried back in the yard on 4/22/2012.Delivered May 1988 with the rest of the class, as ATSF 4030.
BNSF 8733 GP60 No. 8733 is in the yard in Gallup, 9/24/2011. Former ATSF 4033, with the Phase II dynamic brakes.
BNSF 8734 GP60 No. 8734 is in the yard in Gallup, 9/24/2011. Former ATSF 4034, with the Phase II dynamic brakes. Again, apologies for the poor vantage, but there was no better viewing angle available without trespassing (a really bad idea these days…).
BNSF8735 2002
BNSF 8735
GP60 No. 8735.Top: in a very backlit view at Scholle, NM (July 26, 2002). Also note GP60M No. 123, running last in the consist. The 123 unit is pictured above, some five months prior.

Bottom: Seen a decade later, 8735 is switching in Gallup on 4/22/2012. It’s really hard to get a clean shot in the yard in Gallup, thanks to the fence and the busy Route 66…

BNSF 8737 GP60 No. 8737, seen with a westbound baretable train at Flagstaff on 3/27/2008 (my apologies for the numerous power lines). One of the last series delivered in blue/yellow Warbonnet, and with the standard cab. Finding it loose in original colors in 2008 was a bit of a pleasant shock at the time. Originally ATSF 4037.
BNSF 330

BNSF 330

GP60B No. 330, both sides, seen in Winslow on 10/15/2013. The left side (identifiable by the blower housing) has a bad patch of graffiti, unfortunately. Built July 1991. These units were the last cabless mainline locomotives built for US railroads.
atsf333-gallup-2002-01-26 GP60B No. 333, at Gallup on 1/26/2002. Not repainted or even patched at this point in time. One of 23 cabless GP60s delivered to the ATSF in July and August of 1991. It was repainted in H1 the following year.
bnsf334_denver_2007-07-29. GP60B No. 334, in Denver on 7/29/2007. One of 23 cabless GP60s delivered to the ATSF in July and August of 1991, here it’s wearing H1 colors (see here for original paint scheme).
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E M D 6-Axle Units
SD40-2’s etc.
bnsf1622-neeatsf5082 SD40-2 No. 1622 leads a northbound local freight through Las Cruces on8/03/2015. It was a matched pair of Santa Fe alumni.

Built October 1979 as ATSF 5082, and later wore BNSF 6741 through most of the first decade of the new century.

BNSF1652 2019 SD40-2 No. 1652, southbound through Niwot, CO on 5/30/2019.

Originally BN 7054; built June 1978.

bnsf1680 SD40-2 No. 1680, is in Longmont, CO on 7/30/2011. Originally BN 6347 and later 6807, it was built in March 1973, or 38 years before this photo. Think about that for a minute.
bnsf1686-lf SD40-2 No. 1686 is parked in Rincon on 7/31/2016.
BNSF 1755

BNSF 1755

SD40-2 No. 1755, the former AT&SF 5187, switches in Belen on 1/09/2014. Note the inelegant patch job on this remote-controlled locomotive. Two views. Built 12/1981 for the AT&SF. Later numbered BNSF 6939 until renumbered to 1755.
BNSF 1770


SD40-2 No. 1770, Built 10/1978 as AT&SF 5210, to BNSF 6955, to BNSF 1770.

Top: seen in Belen on 1/09/2014 on the Albuquerque switch job.

Bottom: trailing unit rolling northbound through Las Cruces on 8/03/2015.

BNSF 1791 SD40-2 No. 1791 working on the Longmont Local job on 7/31/2010. Stenciled as an SD40-2 but some sources show it reclassified as an SD39-2.

Still in H1 paint at this time.

BNSF 1844

BNSF 1844

SD40-2 No. 1844, two views; it was stationed in Longmont on 7/30/2011. Originally BN 6920, repainted to to BNSF 6920, and later renumbered to BNSF 1844 as seen here.

Top: The conductor’s side. The unit is showing a nice-looking H1 paint job…

Bottom: but the engineer’s side tells a different story. Note the four hood doors wearing nothing but primer-red paint.

BNSF 1876 SD40-2 No. 1876, switching at Belen on 10/30/2009. It’s wearing the simplified New Image scheme (basically looks like an H1 except that the green areas are now black). Although prominently labeled as being under remote control, it has a crewman in the engineer’s seat on this afternoon. Built as ATSF 5022 in 1977.


SD40-2 No. 1920, formerly BN 6913 (and before that, BN 6336) , is in Longmont, CO on 7/30/2011. It has no BN logos remaining on the sides, and just a tiny “BNSF” lettering on the cab.
bnsf1961 SD40-2 No. 1961 switching in the 36th street yard in Denver (12/18/2014). Originally built March 1972 as C&S No. 906, to BN 6354, to BNSF 6388, to BNSF 1961.
BNSF 1978 SD40-2 No. 1978 was in Longmont on 7/30/2011. It was originally Colorado & Southern 996, renumbered to C&S 6950, then to BN 6950, repainted to BNSF 6929, and finally renumbered to BNSF 1978 as seen here.

(1978 is also the year that I graduated high school…)

BNSF 6720 SD40-2 No. 6720 is working on the Longmont local on 7/31/2010. Originally ATSF 5061, built in April 1979 and still in H1 paint.
BNSF 6754 SD40-2 No. 6754, switching at Belen on 8/18/2007.

This unit was originally ATSF 5095 and arrived in October 1979.

BNSF 6974 SD40-2 No. 6974, stationed at Longmont, CO on 8/31/2008. Originally a CN unit, rebuilt and picked up by BNSF. Note the hood extending behind the cab window over the blower intake. It conforms to the cab roof profile, so it took me several years to notice it.
bnsf 7147 SD40-2 No. 7147 in Denver on 7/29/2007. BNSF has “patched” it and added yellow sill stripes, but otherwise it’s close to original appearance. it was delivered in February 1979 and kept the same number until shortly after this photo when it became No. 1945.
bnsf7888neebn7888-rincon-2006-12-05 SD40-2 No. 7888 idles at Rincon, NM on 12/05/2006. It’s wearing a simplified version of the New Image, as it does not have the “cigar-band” stripes. This was originally C&S (BN) No. 7888.  Renumbered to 1593 prior to 2010.
bnsf sd40-2 deadline Six SD40-2‘s idled in Seattle, WA on 7/24/2009. All except the BN unit on the far end are ex-Santa Fe siblings. With the economic downturn, the Class 1’s were parking many older locomotives. The shot gives good angles on the end BNSF lettering. Units are (R to L): 6942, 6901, 6742, 6712, and 6744. The BN unit’s number is not legible.
bnsf6760 SD40-2 No. 6760, passing through Belen on July 20, 2002. Originally ATSF5101, it was built in October 1979.
bnsf6853 SD40-2 No. 6853, a “snoot” version, departing Belen westbound on July 20, 2002. Originally ATSF 5124 , it was built in October 1979.

(I discovered this negative in my collection a decade after taking the photo.)

BNSF 6772 SD40-2 No 6772, seen at Seattle on 7/24/2009. Along with a large number of other SD40-2’s, it’s in the fenced-off scrap area of the yard, so the future does not look good for her.Originally ATSF 5113, she was built in November 1979.
bnsf 6455 SD45-2u No. 6455, seen at Needles on 5/23/1998. It was renumbered and patched earlier that year, from ATSF No. 5805.
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SD60 Series

BN’s SD60M’s came in two main production runs of 50 units each. Those delivered up through March 1990 had the earlier, boxy, 3-window cab. The latter 50 had the 2-pane windshield and a more streamlined, sloped cab front.

A note about the SD60M’s numbered 8100-8199: Originally in the BN 9200 range, these were renumbered by BNSF to the 8100 range, and then again to the 1400 range starting around 2016, to make room for a new batch of ES44C4’s. Reports are that all have either been repainted or sold as of 2018, although I came across No. 1466 still green on the last day of 2019.




SD60M No. 8103 seen at Ruthton, MN on 9/29/2011. Many of the sidelined units had been coming out of mothballs for service at this time.

Top: the cab, very close to original except for the BNSF marks.

Middle: broadside view.

Bottom: Look closely and you can see where the left pair of numberals were painted over and replaced with the 81.

Originally BN 9203 and delivered December 1989.

bnsf 8109 SD60M No. 8109 at Belen, NM on 1/09/2014, waiting to enter the yard after returning from a switching run towards Albuquerque. This angle highlights the version of the white-face paint scheme applied to the early SD60M’s– note the location of the white panels on the nose. Contrast to photos below of higher-numbered units.

Built January 1990.

BNSF8163 SD60M No. 8163 was parked in Rincon on 2/24/2013– part of a pair of such units assigned to the local job there. (The other unit was 8195, still in Cascade Green). The sun was directly behind this unit, no light at ALL on the sides. So, instead we shoot an Art Shot of the nose…

Built January 1991.

Right front view. This unit was formerly BN 9263, then repainted in this H2 scheme but with the same number. Circa 2007/8 it was renumbered as 8163. Look closely and you can see the patch applied to the cab number– the orange background is slightly less faded.
BNSF8163-right rear Continuing around the locomotive, here’s the right rear aspect. Note the tattered stripes above the herald.
BNSF8163-left rear And here’s the left rear view.
BNSF8163_LF And finally, we see it from the left front. It is actually quite dirty, spattered with oily grime overall.
bnsf1464 SD60M No. 1464 rolling through Las Cruces, NM on 7/27/2014. This unit shows the results of the recent renumbering of the SD60M’s into the 1400 series. This is the former 8187 nee BN 9287. Note that now the unit has lost the large white number on the long hood.
bnsf8166_r SD60M No. 8166 at Rincon, NM on 10/14/2013.

Built January 1991.

bnsf8180_lf SD60M No. 8180 at Rincon, NM on 10/14/2013.

Built February 1991.


BNSF1466 nee BN9289 then BNSF 8189

SD60M No. 1466, formerly 8189, nee BN 9289.

Top: Seen at Rincon on 7/31/2016. It was nice to see local power tied up at this junction yard again; for a while the local had been called out of El Paso.

Bottom: buried in the clutter in Gallup on 12/31/2019. This view contradicts reports that all the green SD60M’s were retired or repainted at that time.

8195 SD60M No. 8195 at Rincon, NM on 2/24/2013.

Built as BN 9295 in March 1991.

BNSF 8197

BNSF 8197

SD60M No. 8197 : two views at Gallup, 9/24/2011. One of the oddest paint schemes I’ve seen– read below.

Top: running third on an eastbound freight. This is an interesting variation on the H1 paint scheme– note the red pinstripes. This had been BN 9297, then BNSF 9297; built 1991.

Bottom: wrong-side view (unavoidable) in downtown Gallup. Here you can plainly see the patch on the cab from its being renumbered. Also compare the stripes in the two photos– they differ from right to left sides of the unit. This loco was used to experiment with various paint schemes (and I’ve since heard it received a consistent New Image paint job).

bnsf 8198 SD60M No. 8198, parked on a shop track in Springfield, MO on 9/03/2013. Built as BN 9298 in March 1991.
Oakway 9049

Oakway 9049

BN began the practice of leasing SD60’s from Oakway Leasing well before the merger. Here, a northbound empty coal train waits in Academy siding near Colorado Springs with No. 9049 on the point (9/13/1995).

Incidentally, I had a very nice chat with the conductor.

Built November 1986.

Oakway 9068 Long after the creation of BNSF, the Oakways could still be found on BNSF rails. In this shot, No. 9068 is barely visible in the middle of the service area at Belen (8/18/2007).

Built December 1986.

oakway9069-2004-01-01 Oakway SD60 No. 9069 is in Denver at the BNSF shops on New Years Day 2004, paired with No. 9078.

Built in December and November 1986, respectively.

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SD70 Variants (MAC, ACe)

BNSF 8447 SD70ACe No. 8447 was trailing unit (DPU) on an eastbound coal empty, at Lupton, Arizona on 7/19/2019.

Built 2014.



SD70ACe No. 8782, two views.

Top: leader of an eastbound coal empty on the SWRR lead east of Hatch, NM on 7/29/2016.

Bottom: Flank portrait of the unit, same time/place.

Built July 2013.

BNSF8866 2019 SD70MAC No. 8866, southbound through Niwot, CO on 5/30/2019. Her paint has oxidized rather badly.

Built March or April 1999, so this is the original paint job.

BNSF8976 2019 SD70MAC No. 8976, northbound at Palmer Lake, Colorado on 10/7/2019. It’s part of a 3-unit remote set.

Built in 2000; original paint.

BNSF 8981 SD70MAC No. 8981, seen in Longmont on 5/30/2019.

Built March 2000.

bnsf9163 SD70ACe No. 9163 was parked in the yard in Springfield, MO at dusk on 8/11/2016.

Built January 2008.

BNSF9191-2019 SD70ACe No. 9191 was part of a 3-unit DPU remote set on an eastbound coal empty, at Lupton, Arizona on 7/19/2019.

Built 2009 or prior.

BNSF 9222 SD70ACe No. 9222 was leading a westbound coal train into Belen on January 9th, 2014.

Built April 2008, but needs confirmation.



SD70ACe No. 9228, two views. It was parked in the yard in Springfield, MO at dusk on 8/11/2016.

Built May 2008.

BNSF9281 2019 SD70ACe No. 9281 leads a northbound coal empty at Palmer Lake, Colorado on the Joint Line on 10/7/2019.

Built in July 2008.

BNSF Cruces 1 SD70ACeNo. 9344 leads a long manifest freight northbound through Las Cruces on 8/15/2010. This was the first AC unit I saw on the El Paso sub on a freight. (The numbers are not really this washed out; using Photoshop’s fill flash feature did this to the image.) Built August 2006.
BNSF 9516 SD70MAC No. 9516 is second on a northbound coal empty at 17th Street inLongmont, 8/01/2010. Note the wedge herald on the cab, which is black, not green. The BN herald has also been removed from the nose. Otherwise, the “executive” green BN scheme is unaltered. Sorry about the power pole; it couldn’t be helped.
bnsf9586 SD70MAC No. 9586 is running westbound out of Gallup on a freight, 1/21/2019. Executive MACs are becoming more frequent on the Transcon, wandering away from the coal lines of Wyoming and Nebraska.Built for BN, April 1995.
bnsf 9598 SD70MAC No. 9598 on a westbound coal train in Springfield, MO (9/03/2013). Built April 1995, just prior to the merger. The cab BN lettering was redone with BNSF as shown, and a nose herald applied, but otherwise appears pretty close to as-delivered.
BNSF9621 2020 SD70MAC No. 9621 is the trailing unit on a southbound freight stopped at Bragdon, Colorado on 2/17/2020. The image is backlit and distant, unfortunately– the best I could do at 80 MPH!

Built June 1995 for BN.

BNSF9634_2022 SD70MAC No. 9634 is the trailing unit on a southbound coal train approaching Palmer Lake, Colorado (6/18/2022).  NEW IMAGE

Built June 1995, which technically made it a BN unit for a month or so. Incidentally that makes it 27 years old in this photo.

BNSF 9646 SD70MAC No. 9646, seen in Longmont on 5/30/2019. Note the BN arrangement of numbers and herald, even the latter now says BNSF.

Built for BN in August 1995, during the merger process.

BNSF9771 2020 SD70MAC No. 9771, pushing on a southbound XCLX train in Colorado Springs.  It was delivered in the Grinstein scheme when new, now in the New Image scheme (full stripes). (2/16/2020)

Built May 1996.

bnsf 9766 SD70MAC No. 9766 in Springfield, MO on 9/03/2013. Delivered May 1996, post-merger. Note the difference in placement of numbers and lettering as compared to pre-merger units such as 9516 and 9598 above.
bnsf-9779 SD70MAC Nos. 9779 and mate 9464 lead a coal train near Fountain, CO on 5/09/2004. 9779 is a post-merger unit from January 1997, whereas 9464 was delivered to BN pre-merger (June 1994). The best clue is the placement of the number– if it’s on the long hood it’s probably pre-merger. Despite this, the post-merger unit here still has a BN herald on the nose and the pre-merger unit has a BNSF wagon-wheel on its nose. Very strange!
BNSF9782_2021 SD70MAC No. 9782, running second on a northbound coal empty through Colorado Springs on April 4th, 2021 (my cat’s birthday!). Typical post-merger executive, but no heralds on either end.  Years ago it had a BN logo on the nose.
Built March 1997.
BNSF9798_2021 SD70MAC No. 9798 is at Colorado Springs on 1/15/2021. It’s fourth in a mid-train remote consist on a “monster” coal train, which has gone into emergency for some reason.  This gave me a good opportunity to take some portraits!  Shortly the train resumed its journey.Built March 1997.
BNSF9839 2019 SD70MAC No. 9839 trails on a northbound coal empty at Palmer Lake, Colorado on 10/7/2019.It originally wore H2 paint.  Now it’s in New Image.

Built in November 1997.

bnsf 9900 SD70MAC No. 9900 was a remote helper on a westbound coal train entering Belen on a gloomy January 9, 2014. It was paired with No. 8804.Built September 1998.
BNSF9949-2019 SD70MAC No. 9949 was in a 3-unit set of remotes on an eastbound coal empty, at Lupton, Arizona on 7/19/2019.Built June 1998.
bnsf9962 SD70MAC 9962 is parked in Gallup on 1/21/2019.

Built July 1998.

BNSF9981 2020 SD70MAC No. 9981 is the trailing remote on a southbound coal train at Colorado Springs (2/16/2020).  It’s still in the scheme it was delivered in.

Built December 1998.

bnsf9993 Nice broadside shot of SD70MAC No. 9993 in Gallup on 1/21/2019.

Built July 1998.

SD75 Variants (M, I)
BNSF8218and8207 SD75M Nos. 8218 and 8207, at the sand tracks in Seattle on 7/24/2009 and still in their Santa Fe lettering. The third unit might be No. 8200. These units were renumbered from their original Santa Fe numbers by the addition of an 8 in front, hence 218 became 8218 and so forth. Delivered between February and April 1995.
abo_033 BNSF 8224 SD75M No. 8224, eastbound near Abo on 7/19/2002. It’s been patched but not relettered. Delivered April 1995.
BNSF 8232 SD75M No. 8232, at Gallup on 2/21/2011. It’s part of a 3-unit rear DPU set on a westbound coal train. Originally delivered in July 1995 as ATSF 232. These units had been mothballed during the recession but were starting to come back into service by this time (note 8255 behind it).
atsf-1997-10-11 SD75M No. 242 (later 8242), cresting the summit at Abo on 10/11/1997.
BNSF 8248 SD75M No. 8248, at Longmont, CO on 8/31/2008. It was delivered as ATSF No. 248 in September 1995 (technically, after the merger), and was subsequently repainted.
BNSF 8255 SD75M No. 8255, in H2 paint, at Gallup on 2/21/2011. It’s the middle unit of a 3-unit rear DPU set on a westbound coal train. Delivered just post-merger (December 1995) in BNSF lettering and later repainted in H2 colors.(Confession: I was so distracted by the warbonnet SD75M to the left that I didn’t even notice the 8255 until looking at my photos later!)
bnsf8263-1997-10-11 SD75M No. 8263, built January 1996, is seen on 10/11/1997 east of Deckers. It’s sandwiched between an H1 C44 and a blue/yellow warbonnet.
bnsf8287 SD75I No. 8287, leaving Needles, CA, westbound on 5/23/1998. Note that from this angle, you can see clear through the carbody through the forward vent.

Delivered October 1997– seven months prior to this photo.

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