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As with all the remaining Class 1 railroads, Union Pacific has become a major purchaser of locomotives from General Electric, especially since 1995.  UP was an early user of the Dash-8 series as well, including the standard-cab versions, which it picked up in the 1980s.  They have continued buying from GE, buying every model in the catalogue including quite a few of the convertible AC60/44 type. More recently UP has continued to upgrade with whatever model of GEVO power was current.

This page has a selection of GE locomotives rostered by UP, including a few that it absorbed via merger.

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UP1880 B40-8 No. 1880, in Houston on 10/17/2007.  This was originally SSW No. 8083, delivered May 1989 and painted yellow ten years later as No. 5689.  It received this number in February 2004.
up9331-up9343-up5727-2001-11-10 C40-8 No. 9331, in Helper, Utah with sister 9343.  This unit was received in 1989, part of the same order as No. 9151 above.  The C40-8 is a DC-traction, standard-cab locomotive– some of the last ordered by UP (or any railroad) so configured.  Wide cabs became the norm in the early 1990’s. UPDATED IMAGE


C40-8 No. 9151 in Houston on 10/17/2007.  This unit arrived new on the UP in January 1988.  These are standard-cab DC units.

Below: Close-up of the cab, conductor’s side.

UP9078-2001 C41-8 No. 9078, originally C&NW No. 8566, delivered September 1991, repainted to the UP scheme and number in 1999.  It’s viewed at Brownwood, TX in March 2001, on the point of a light movement. Directly behind is SP No. 5352, nee D&RGW 5352, an SD40T-2 “tunnel motor”.
UP9718 C44-9W No. 9718, leading an eastbound autorack train near Carrizozo, NM on 2/18/2008.  This DC-traction unit arrived from GE in July 1994.  GE refers to this model as a Dash 9-44CW.

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G E ROAD DIESELS: C44AC (AC4400), and CTE Series
The AC4400 (or C44AC) was GE’s initial entrant into the AC-traction market, and has proven extremely successful. Debuting in 1995, it has evolved into several different versions over time, adding power-management and emissions features to increase its flexibility and be more environmentally friendly and effecient.One of the subsequent types is the C44AC-CTE. The CTE designation means “Controlled Tractive Effort”.  Effectively, these units can have their power-on-rail reduced to prevent mishaps with lighter trains or when operating as DPU helpers.  The C45AC-CTE is a more recent version of the same general idea, but meets the Tier II emissions requirements (the 45 in UP’s parlance does not refer to its horsepower).
UP5678 C44AC-CTE No. 5678, parked in Denver on 12/16/2014.

Built November 2004 and delivered the following month.

UP5717 C44AC-CTE No. 5717 is shown leading the MDVRO on 12/06/2008. My apologies for cutting off both ends in the photo. Many interesting details show up in this close-up, in particular the later CTE-style AC cabinet behind the cab. Note the three lower X-brake panels and four upper panels. For comparison, see this photo which demonstrates the original AC4400 door design.

This photo of 5717 also illustrates the grimy state of  locomotives working on the tunnel district during the wintertime.

UP5764 C44AC-CTE No.5764 is the trailing unit on an eastbound coal empty passing through Delta, CO on 4/16/2010.

It was delivered in March 2001.

UP5789 C44AC-CTE No. 5789, seen in Los Angeles on 10/30/2015. Shows the usual faded paint…

Built February 2002.

UP5802 C44AC-CTE No. 5802 has just arrived at Brendel, UT to be dropped off for use by the DOE hazmat cleanup project at Moab. I chased this unit as it led the Potash Turn west from Grand Junction, with 6 units and 1 freight car. Very odd-looking train!

Built February 2002.

UP5840_2020 C44AC-CTE No. 5840 is running as a remote on a northbound empty CSUX train as it leaves Colorado Springs on May 22, 2020.

Built March 2002.

UP5861 2020 C44AC-CTE No. 5861 was working on a ballast train on the Joint Line just north of Bragdon, Colorado on 2/17/2020.

Built April 2002.

UP5902 C44AC-CTE No. 5902 pauses to embark a road crew at Grand Junction on 4/28/2014.

Built December 2002 and delivered the following month to UP.

UP5908 C44AC-CTE No. 5908 is the lead unit of an an eastbound coal empty passing through Delta, CO on 4/16/2010.

Delivered December 2002.

UP5911_2022 C44AC-CTE No. 5911 is seen running fourth on an eastbound freight at Winter Park on 2/20/2022. Her paint is getting pretty oxidized at this point.

Delivered January 6th 2003.

UP5912 C44AC-CTE No. 5912 was delivered in January 2003 in the “flag” scheme.  Seen here on 12/31/2006 in Denver, she’s covered in a dark layer of grime, indicative of hard service in the dirty conditions of the Colorado mountains.  (detail from a larger frame photo)
UP5930_2022b C44AC-CTE No. 5930 is leading an eastbound freight at Winter Park on 2/20/2022. Note the freshly-painted trucks; a swap-out?

Delivered March 2nd 2003.

UP 5977 C44AC-CTE No. 5977 is eastbound at Escalante, CO on 4/15/2010.

Delivered May 2003.

UP6030 C44AC-CTE No. 6030 leads a westbound load at Roubideau, CO (near Delta) on 4/15/2010.

Delivered January 2004.

UP6052 C44AC-CTE No. 6052, seen at Glenwood Springs on 7/29/2011.

Built December 2003 but not delivered until April 2004.

UP 6170 C44AC No. 6170 was delivered as SP AC4400 No. 353 in May 1995.  Here it’s running third on a westbound manifest train at Rocky, on 12/06/2008.
UP 6204 C44AC No. 6204 was originally SP AC4400 No. 157.  Many Espee AC4400’s were initially just patched, but this one is a full repaint.  The main difference between these units and their “standard” UP sisters is that the cab is not acoustically isolated.  This particular one is also from the SP series that did not include master DPU controls.
UP6216neeSP303 AC4400 No. 6216, the renumbered SP No. 303, is part of a 3-unit swing DPU east of tunnel 21 on 4/12/2014.  This unit was one of the earliest AC4400’s built yet is still working hard 19 years later.

Built July 1995 in SP’s second batch.

UP6233_neeSP189-2018-02-18 AC4400 No. 6233 on an eastbound coal load at West Portal on 2/18/2018. Originally SP 189, renumbered March 2004, though I guess it was only a patch at that time (this paint looks far too fresh).

Delivered May 1995, and lacks DPU controls.

UP6337 AC4400 No. 6337 leads an eastbound coal load down through the tunnel district on 4/12/2014. Here it’s just exiting tunnel 21. Note the non-standard nose art.

Built July 1995 as SP No. 292 and repainted/renumbered in September 2003.

UP6357neeSP304 AC4400 No. 6357 is the trailing unit on a westbound coal empty, having just exited Tunnel 19 on the Moffat line (4/12/2014).

Built July 1995 as SP No. 304 and repainted/renumbered in June 2003.

UP6496 C44AC No. 6496 was delivered in June 2000, part of an order of 120 units from that year.  Here it’s in the helper pool at Glenwood Springs, CO on 9/01/2008.
UP6573 C44AC No. 6573 is seen at Glenwood Springs on 9/01/2008. Built in April 1997, this unit is only 11 years old here yet is starting to fade pretty bad.
UP6598-1998-12-26 C44AC No. 6598 leads an empty coal train at Coal Creek Canyon on 12/26/1998.  Part of an order of 150 such units, it arrived in May 1997 and so is about a year and a half old in this photo.
UP6605-2018-02-18 C44AC No. 6605, on a mid-train remote helper set at West Portal on 2/18/2018.

Delivered May 1997, and has since been repainted into the Flag scheme.

UP6614 2018 C44AC No. 6614 is parked at Glenwood Springs on 9/01/2018.  She’s looking pretty tattered at this stage, but still hard at work for UP.

Built June 1997.

UP6673 C44AC No. 6673 is staged on the west end of a string of DPU units at Glenwood Springs, 7/29/2011.Delivered July 1997, and starting to fade quite a bit.
UP6728 C44AC No. 6728 is staged at Glenwood Springs, 7/29/2011.

Originally C&NW 8826, delivered December 1994 and repainted/renumbered January 2003. Note the wings, lightning stripe, and the UP shield on the cab (but no flag).

UP6749_RF C44AC No. 6749 is DPU on an eastbound North Fork coal load, preparing to depart Grand Junction on 4/28/2014.

Built March 1996, one of the older C44 series units on UP’s roster.

UP6813 C44AC No. 6813, running second on a freight at Granby, CO on 8/9/2007.  It was part of an order of 150 units that was delivered throughout 1996, making it one of the older groups of C44AC’s on the roster.
UP6819-20061230-1 C44AC No. 6819 is on the point of an eastbound coal train, in Pinecliffe siding on 12/30/2006.  These units have been ubiquitous on coal trains since their arrival.  This unit came in June 1996 along with No. 6813 above.
UP6848_2022 C44AC No. 6848 is running third on an eastbound freight, topping the grade at West Portal of the Moffat Tunnel (2/20/22).  It’s gotten repainted sometime recently.

Built October 1995, nearly a year before the SP merger.

UP6866-Pinecliffe-1998-12-26 C44AC No. 6866 leads a westbound coal empty at Pinecliffe, CO in a howling wind on the day after Christmas 1998.  (It was difficult to keep a tripod standing in that wind…)

Built November 1995.

UP6887 C44AC No. 6887 waits at Glenwood Springs, 7/29/2011.

Built November 1995.

UP7002 C44AC No. 7002, at Grand Junction in November 2002.  It was originally leased from GECX as No. 4002 in March 1997, and was repainted in UP colors in 1999.
UP7124-Pinecliffe-1998-12-26 C44AC No. 7124, mid-train at Pinecliffe, CO on the day after Christmas 1998.

Built July 1998, it is less than 6 months old in this photo.



C44AC No. 7127
TOP: Leading an eastbound windmill train at Bowie, Arizona (on the Sunset Route) on 10/14/2013. Delivered July 1998, it’s over 15 years old in this photo. Contrast the faded paint to the relatively new SD70ACe to its left.BOTTOM: parked in Denver’s North Yard on 12/16/2014.
UP7176 C44AC No. 7176 is lead unit on a set of empty aluminum hoppers, westbound out of tunnel 19 on the Moffat (4/12/2014). Note the Positive Train Control antenna array on the cab.

Built May 1999.

UP7251 C44AC No. 7251 is the trailing unit on an eastbound coal load between tunnels 21 and 20 on the Moffat (west of Denver)– 4/12/2014.

Built August 1999.

UP7268 C44AC  No. 7268 is rolling dead-in-consist across Thompson Hill, Utah on 4/27/14 on its way to Brendel.

Built November 1999.

UP7277 C44AC No. 7277 leads an eastbound empty on the North Fork sub on 4/15/2010.  Here it’s seen at Escalante.

Delivered November 1999.

Chicago & Northwestern AC4400s

Somehow I never managed to get photos of very many C&NW units, even though I did see quite a few.  Here are a couple of shots that I did manage.  C&NW only bought 35 AC4400s prior to the merger.

CNW8808CNW8808-SP140 Fraser December 28, 2000: CNW No. 8808 is leading an eastbound coal load at Fraser, CO. (Two views.)  The train is at the toe of the 2% grade leading up to the Moffat Tunnel, and the locomotives are starting to work hard. It’s in the Operation Lifesaver scheme.

Built 11/1994, making it the oldest AC4400 I’ve photographed.  It was later renumbered to UP 6710 in October 2003.

UP6712 ex CNW8810 Here, the former C&NW No. 8810, now patched to UP 6712, is the trailing remote on an eastbound coal train at No Name, Colorado (June 2003).  Scan from a slide.

Built 11/1994.

Denver North Yard 2006 12 31 Look carefully past the left-hand light pole and you will see a patched CNW AC4400. It looks to be No. 6730.  This is North Yard in Denver, at dawn on December 31st, 2006.

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GE’s AC6044CW model was analogous to EMD’s SD9043: it is a C60 carbody with a 4,400-hp prime mover installed, convertible to a 6,000-hp motor if desired later. UP’s designation is both C44/60AC and C6044AC.

UP7026 C6044AC No. 7026 is the trailing unit on a westbound coal empty in Glenwood Canyon, June 2003.  Judging by the coat of grime, this one has been working hard.

In UP’s number-juggling system, this unit became 7352 in May 2005, then 7046 on Jan 13, 2009.

UP7034 C6044AC No. 7034 is staged in Glenwood Springs yard on 7/29/2011.Delivered January 1996.  This unit was not renumbered with other C60/44’s; it has kept the same number since delivery.
UP7038 C6044AC No. 7038 is staged in Glenwood Springs yard on 7/29/2011.

Delivered December 1995.  This unit was not renumbered with other C60/44’s.

UP7041-2018-02-18 C6044AC No. 7041, at West Portal on 2/18/2018. One of the convertible units that was never converted to 6000 hp.

Built December 1995.

UP7048 C6044AC No. 7048, Grand Junction, November 2002.    This unit built December 1995 and painted with the then-current UP slogan, was renumbered 7374 in March 2004, then to 7321 in September 2008.  Note the radiator which extends beyond the long hood, the distinctive feature of this model.
UP7060 C6044AC No. 7060 is running second on a westbound load at Roubideau, CO on 4/15/2010.  Delivered September 1996, the same month as the merger with SP. This unit retained its original number, unlike many of its sisters.
UP7302 C6044AC No. 7302 is parked in Denver’s North Yard (by the Cargill elevator) on 12/16/2014.

Built March 1998.

UP7311 C6044AC No. 7311 is seen passing through Delta, CO on 4/16/2010.

This convertible unit was built in March 1998.

UP7318 C6044AC No. 7318, rumbling east through Escalante, CO on 4/15/2010.

Built March 1998

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The GEVO ES44AC series (C44ACCTE and C45ACCTE in UP parlance) replaces the AC4400 in GE’s model range. The enhanced ES44 models (ES44AC-H and ET44) are rolled into the C45AH classification, even though they are different GE designs. See Wikipedia for a full GEVO discussion.

UP5336 C45AC-CTE (ES44AC) No. 5336 is rolling over the crest of Thompson Hill, east of Thompson Springs, UT on 4/27/2014 on its way to Brendel. It sports the usual oxidized paint…

Built July 2006 and delivered the following month.

UP5347 C45AC-CTE No. 5347 is the trailing unit on a heavy westbound manifest freight on the Sunset Route, just west of Deming, NM on 10/14/2013.  (Ironically, this number was formerly held by two different ex- D&RGW units– a tunnel motor, and GP40-2 No. 3095, which had it until 2005.)
UP5383 C45AC-CTE No. 5383, seen at Brendel, UT on 4/27/2014. It and three other GE’s have just been dropped off for use by the DOE’s cleanup effort at Moab.

Built February 2005 and delivered the following month.

UP5495-2018-02-18 C45AC-CTE No. 5495 (ES44AC), running second on an eastbound coal train at West Portal.

Delivered June 2005.

UP7370 C45AC-CTE No. 7370 leads an eastbound train on the Sunset, between Deming and Las Cruces.

(photo by Sydni Griffin, 3/15/2014)

UP7374-2018-02-18 C45AC-CTE No. 7374 is on the point of an eastbound coal load, which has just topped the grade leading up to Moffat Tunnel and is preparing to curve into the 6.2-mile bore. Note that the plow is starting to throw up a tiny spout of snow. It had drifted a bit through here during the day.

Built March 2009.

UP 7368 C45AC-CTE No. 7386 is staged in Glenwood Springs yard on 7/29/2011.  UP keeps helper (DPU) units here during the warmer months when the engines can be shut down.

Built March 2009.

UP7419 2018 C45AC-CTE No. 7419 is the rear remote on a coal load at Glenwood Springs on 9/01/2018. Its paint is fading, as per usual.

Built May 2009.

UP7450 C45AC-CTE No. 7450 is parked in Denver’s North Yard on 12/16/2014.

(Built sometime after May 2009 and before 2011.)

UP7607_2022 C45AC-CTE No. 7607is running second on an eastbound freight about to enter the Moffat Tunnel on 2/20/2022.  This is a good view of the intricate series of vents on the rear of the long hood.

Built February 2007.

UP7629_2018 C45AC-CTE No. 7629 is staged in Glenwood Springs on 9/01/2018.

Built February 2007 and delivered the following month.

UP7729 C45AC-CTE No. 7729 leads an MROGJ freight downhill towards Cisco, UT and the Colorado River valley on 4/27/2014. Note the heat shimmers from the dynamics and exhaust– even though the train is going about 40 MPH, the tailwind is keeping up.

Built June 2007.

UP7741_2020 C45AC-CTE No. 7741 is running as tail remote on a northbound empty CSUX train as it leaves Colorado Springs on May 22, 2020.  (The CSUX trains are a thing of the past now.)
Built August 2007.
UP7763 C45AC-CTE No. 7763.  This unit arrived on 9/18/2007, and was exactly five months old when this shot was taken near Carrizozo on 2/18/2008. Notice the variant on the paint scheme: there is a yellow stripe on the lower portion of the radiator wing.
UP7773 C45AC-CTE No. 7773 is a trailing remote on the MROGJ freight on 4/27/2014, drifting through Cisco, UT.  Cisco, incidentally, is an interesting place– a true ghost town.  Mostly, anyway.
Built September 2007.
C45AH Models The “AH” designation indicates an AC unit but heavier and with software upgrades and other equipment enhancements to produce higher tractive effort at greater efficiency.  See Wikipedia for more info.
UP2554  C45AH C45AH No. 2554 (GE designation ES44AC-H) is the third unit on a westbound stack train on the Sunset Route near Gila Bend, AZ on 9/12/2019.Built early 2015.
UP2589 C45AH Tier 4 C45AH No. 2589 (GE designation ET44AH)  is the trailing remote on a westbound doublestack train on the Sunset Route near Gila Bend, AZ on 9/12/2019.Built early 2015.
UP2600_2022 ET44AH No. 2600 is leading a Pueblo-Denver freight on 2/18/2022 at  Palmer Lake, Colorado.  Built in 2015, it’s frankly looking a bit grubby here. NEW IMAGE
UP2677_2019 C45AH No. 2677 (GE designation ET44AH)  leads a westbound stack train on the Sunset Route near Gila Bend, AZ on 9/12/2019.Note how UP’s ET44’s have a sloped stack enclosure, as opposed to BNSF’s boxy option.

Built 2016.

UP2685_2019 C45AH No. 2685 (GE designation ET44AH)  leads a westbound stack train on the Sunset Route near Gila Bend, AZ on 9/12/2019.This was a great place to photograph trains, if you don’t mind climbing 150 feet up a pile of lava boulders in 115-degree heat.  Oh, and you should carry a sidearm…  Contrast with the photos in the snow below!

Built August 2016.

UP8175 C45AH No. 8175 (GE designation ES44AC-H) is actually the trailing remote unit on an eastbound coal train at West Portal.  Most of the train is already into the tunnel at this point.
UP8190 C45AH No. 8190 (GE designation ES44AC-H) is at Los Angeles in October 2015.

Built 2014.