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BNSF (originally, Burlington Northern Santa Fe) began its existence with a total mish-mash of locomotives and rolling stock from its various component roads. Even the Santa Fe side had a couple of paint schemes, and the BN side had a plethora of them.  For the first few years, BNSF trains were quite colorful; even now one still sees the exception to solid orange consists. Plus, the post-merger mega-railroad has had at least four new official paint schemes and a couple of experimental ones. Even in the post-2006 “New Image” scheme has two variations.  As a result, there’s always something unusual or different to watch for.

The variety goes well beyond paint schemes, which are after all just superficial. There is a bewildering variety of locomotive models working for BNSF. Even the new GEs come in dozen or so variations. And if this were not enough to keep it interesting, you can always find some kind of lease power or run-through locomotives from other railroads. Once I even saw a private-line loco moving in a BNSF train on UP tracks.

Use the menus above to navigate to the various categories and sub-categories of BNSF power. These are roster shots, though I don’t have anything even approaching full rosters of photos. When researching, pay attention to dates, as some of these have been repainted or renumbered over time.