BN Locomotives

Note: Some of these photos are contemporary, i.e. taken post-merger.

6-Axle EMD Locomotives

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BN-SD9s BN used a lot of SD9‘s in local and switching service, keeping them in service long past their typical lifespan.  This pair (6218, 6230) is switching the BN intermodal facility near 48th Street in Denver on 11/20/1990.


Three of the BN’s four SD60MAC test units are on the point of this coal train– an SPL coal train, that is– descending the Moffat line west of Denver in July 1994.  Southern Pacific was evaluating the AC traction capabilities of these units.  These were unique locomotives, having wide “safety” cabs with 3 windows across, AC traction motors, and a unique paint scheme.

Below:  Flank view of the leader No. 9500, showing the Siemens graphics.

The BN’s fleet of SD60M’s came in two orders. Nos. 9200-9249 were delivered between Dec. 1989 and Mar. 1990 and had the “triclops” cab, vertical cab face with three windows. The second group, 9250-9298, were delivered between Jan and Mar 1991 and had the two-window sloped cab face.  All were renumbered by BNSF from the 9200 series into the 8100 series, in sequential order– making identification simpler. (Circa 2014 they were moved into the 1400 series, not in order, and have now being retired or rebuilt/repainted by BNSF).  I am rather a fan of these beasts, and have a pretty extensive selection of photos of them below.



From about 2010 through 2016, the SD60M’s came out of storage and could be found all over the BNSF.

SD60M No. 8103seen at Ruthton, MN on 9/29/2011. This unit was built in December 1989 and was originally BN 9203, then BNSF 9203 before receiving this number. Note the cab face.

Middle and bottom: Close-up views of the unit. The cab still bears the American flag decal, though considerably faded now. The bottom photo shows the renumbering job– look closely and you can see the overspray from the stencil when the first two digits were changed. But other than the reflective sill striping, renumbering, and BNSF initials, it looks much as it did when new on the BN.

bnsf 8109 SD60M 8109, on the Albuquerque local, coming into Belen on 1/09/2014 ,not long before being renumbered. Note that the white panel does not wrap around the nose on these (where the flag is), unlike the higher series of SD60Ms below.

Built January 1990, it’s exactly 24 years old here.




SD60M BNSF 8166 (former BN 9266), at Rincon, NM on 10/14/2013. The unit was running second, parked with a short local freight while waiting for crew.

Top: This is the shady side…

Middle: Broadside of the engineer’s side, in better light.

Bottom: And here’s a look from the front end.

Built February 1991.





SD60M No. 8180 (former BN 9280), also at Rincon on 10/14/2013. It was on the point so I was able to get decent shots from all the important angles.

Top: Here’s the engineer’s side 3/4, shadowy but enhanced.

Second: Fireman’s side 3/4 view, with good sun!

Third: Broadside from the left. This image is a little larger… Note the ambitious tagging job, up high.

Bottom: Left rear flank.

Unit was built for BN in February 1991.

bnsf1464 SD60M No. 1464 rolling through Las Cruces, NM on 7/27/2014. This unit shows the results of the recent renumbering of the SD60M’s into the 1400 series. This is the former 8187 nee BN 9287. Note that now the unit has lost the large white number on the long hood.
bnsf1466 SD60M No. 1466, formerly 8189, nee BN 9289.  Seen at Rincon on7/31/2016. It was nice to see local power tied up at the SWRR junction yard again; for a while the local had been called out of El Paso. Also nice to see the flag intact.
bnsf 8195_rf

bnsf 8195

bnsf 8195




Captured at Rincon, NM on 2/24/2013:

BNSF SD60M No. 8195. This is the former BN 9295, renumbered circa 2007/8 but still largely as it originally appeared.

Second: Broadside view of the right side. Here we see the addition of the yellow Scotchlite stripes, common on contemporary BNSF locomotives.

Third: 3/4 view from the left rear.

Fourth: The left flank. Look closely and you can see where the first two digits were changed (a painted green square and new white numerals neatly applied– unlike No. 8103 above).

Fifth: Left front detail. Main changes here are the removal of “BURLINGTON NORTHERN’ under the logo, replaced with the BNSF initials. Also look carefully at the white panel- you can see where the flag has been removed and the paint touched-up.

Sixth: Full left-front 3/4 view.

Bottom: Nose shot: this was the only angle on this day that had direct light! She still looks pretty good after more than 20 years of service.

bnsf 8198

bnsf 8198

bnsf 8198 hood

bnsf 8198 lr

SD60M No. 8198, formerly BN 9298, in Springfield, Missouri on 9/03/2013.

Top: Full broadside view, conductor’s side.

Second: Close-up of the front third of the locomotive.

Third: Left side middle of hood.

Bottom:Left rear. As usual, you can see the patch job to replace the first two numerals.

SD40 Series Locomotives, and SD70MAC
BN6381W-Needles Here’s a dusk shot of SD40-2 No. 6381, leading an interesting mix of power up the grade from Needles, CA in May 1998.  It has ditch lights now but carries its original number.

There was another BN SD40-2 alumnus shoving on the rear of this doublestack train, number illegible unfortunately.

BN6383 SD40-2 No. 6383, sandwiched between a pair of LMX lease units south of Castle Rock, CO. (Taken possibly during March 1993).

Built April 1974, so about 20 years old here.

BN-8082-Fountain_9602 SD40-2 No. 8082, leading a southbound freight through Fountain on 2/24/1996.

Built Aug 1979.

bnsf1680 BNSF SD40-2 No. 1680, originally BN 6807 nee 6347, is in Longmont, CO on 7/30/2011.  It was built in March 1973, or 38 years before this photo.  Think about that for a minute.


BNSF SD40-2 No. 1920, formerly BN 6913 (and before that, BN 6336) , is in Longmont, CO on 7/30/2011.  It has no BN logos remaining on the sides, and just a tiny “BNSF” lettering on the cab.
bnsf1961 SD40-2 No. 1961 switching in the 36th street yard in Denver (12/18/2014).

Originally C&S No. 906, to BN 6354, to BNSF 6388, to BNSF 1961.  Pretty good lifespan; this unit was built in March 1972.

ATSF809 BN7115 SD40-2 No. 7115, post-merger but still all BN. It’s the trailing unit on an eastbound train at Abo, New Mexico on 10/10/1997.

Built December 1978.

bnsf 7147 BN (BNSF) SD40-2 No. 7147, on home rails in Denver on 7/29/2007. Changes: BN emblem removed from cab; BNSF letters added below that; yellow sill stripes.
BN-1995-09-08 SD40-2 No. 7153 was the second unit on a northbound train at the Air Force Academy in September 1995.  It’s a typical BN unit– the line had over eight hundred of these.  Photo is just months after the BNSF merger.  Note the flag and other lettering on cab.
BN-FURX7282Kingman_20040612_002 A BN SD40-2, 7282, now owned by FURX, a rail equipment lessor, is fourth on a manifest freight as it cuts out some cars for an industry on the east side of Kingman, AZ (6/12/2004).  Many original BN units survived long after being sold off.  Ironically, this is a BNSF train, leasing an ex-BN locomotive.
bn-furx7219-20070328 A repeat of the above, only further east.  FURX SD40-2 No. 7219 is the trailing unit on a stack train, just west of the New Mexico-Arizona line.  Nice to see these working front-line trains in 2008.
BN-7831_7842_200206 Two sister SD40-2’s, 7831 and 7842 (both now lettered for BNSF), are rolling down through Abo Canyon east of Belen, NM in June 2002.  Just out of the photo to the right is a cabless B30-7 in BN colors.
BN-9540-1995-09 Nominated as one of my Worst Photos Ever: SD70MAC No. 9540 and four mates lead a northbound coal empty on the Joint Line just north of the Pikes Peak Raceway on Sept. 14, 1995. This is just a couple of months past the merger.
BN 9586 bnsf Former BN SD70MAC No. 9586.  Look closely and you can see where the BN emblems were painted over on the cab and on the opposite end. Seen on the Transcon at Gallup on 1/19/2019. Full-size Image. (I never used to see Executive MAC’s on the Transcon but that has changed since around 2016.)

4-Axle Locomotives

bnsf 2967

bnsf 2967

Two views of BNSF GP39V No. 2967.  This unit was originally built in 1965 as Louisville & Nashville’s GP35 No. 1103. It later went to the Seaboard, and CSX, and was rebuilt in September 1990 as a GP39V, when it went to the BN.  It still carries its original BN number.

Top:   No. 2967 is seen in Longmont, CO on 7/30/2011, paired with GP50 No. 3147.

Bottom: The following day in the same place, but this time the eastward unit of a quartet (two SD40-2’s have been added).  Note the fresh green paint on the cab that covers the BN logo. The sill profile and the two radiator fans mark this unit as something unusual.

BN3110 GP50 No. 3110, northbound on a short freight in Fountain, Colorado on February 24, 1996 (post-merger). One day I will re-scan this image.
bn 3118 GP50 No. 3118 was spotted switching in Winslow, AZ on 10/15/2013, still with its original number, only with BNSF reporting marks. The paint is rather faded by now (compare with sister No. 3120 below, shown 16 years earlier) but it’s still earning its keep on the railroad. Built July 1985.
bn-1997-10-07 On October 10, 1997, a pair of geeps (GP50 No. 3120, GP40E No. 3552) lead a westbound baretable movement near Abo, NM (on the old AT&SF mainline).  Note the different paint schemes.

No. 3120 built July 1985.  No. 3552 built 12/66, rebuilt as E in 12/89, renumbered 8/98 to BNSF 3027.

bn 3147 BNSF GP50 No. 3147 is working in Longmont, CO on 7/30/2011.  This unit still wears its original BN number, and was originally delivered in September 1985.  The logo and lettering on the long hood is faded but still visible.
bnsf 3469 SW15 (SW1500) No. 3469, at Seattle on 7/24/2009.

Originally BN 323, built in January 1973.

GE Locomotives

BN5511_1994 C30-7 No. 5511, seen on a freight in Colorado Springs (9/15/1994).

Built April 1997

BNSF5051 1994 C30-7 No. 5051, in Colorado Springs (9/15/1994).

Built March 1980.

BN4054 B30-7AB No. 4054, one of the cabless GE’s built in 1983 for BN.  By this time, cabless units were nearly unknown except on BN and AT&SF. This shot is on September 13, 1995 at Academy, Colorado (just after the BNSF merger).  Built October 1983.  NEW IMAGE
These units appear in a lot of my photos, but usually too small and distant to get decent portraits.
ATSF7442 ATSF2784 BN4020 Here’s an example of what I said above.  BN 4020, another B30-7AB, is trailing on a westbound BNSF autorack train near Abo, NM.  It was May 1996, nearly a year post-merger.  This was an interesting train, all 4-axle power of various provenance: a newish B40-8, a rebuilt GP30u, and the BN cabless GE.  Gone are the days…  NEW IMAGE


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