LPD Locomotives- BNSF and Components

Some Models Appear as Early as 1981

BNSF has trackage rights over the UP Central Corridor (i.e. over the Moffat), so I include BNSF in my scheme post-1996. This means that there’s lots of room for BN and ATSF units as well as orange BNSF power. Additionally, BN power made frequent guest appearances during the D&RGW and SP eras; even the occasional Santa Fe unit showed up then.

Note the LMX leaser shown below. It could show up on SPL trains as well as BNSF.

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Model Photos Remarks

Qty: 2

Era: 1975-2005 (depending)

BN7054 No. 7054 is a nicely-detailed Athearn unit that I picked up on ebay.I have another similar unit that I gave a minimal detailing treatment to.

Qty: 1

Era: 1975-2005 (depending)

BN5112 This is an Atlas red-box unit; it performs great and I love its appearance. These were extremely numerous on coal trains and appeared on BNSF trackage rights trains up to their retirement circa 2000. DCC.

Qty: 1

Era: 1996-2010

BN9405 No. 9405 is in the “Executive” or Grinstein green scheme. It’s a Rail Power shell over an Athearn drive that I picked up on ebay. Not common on this line but they have shown up occasionally.
LMX Leasing:
B39-8Qty: 1Era: 1988 – 2003
LMX8507-EB LMX Leasing unit, common on the BN but also made appearances on the SPL. This is No. 8507.  It’s since been converted to a GRLX lease unit. DCC.

Qty: 1

Era: 1978-2005 (depending on unit)

atsf5028-big10-wb I have one SD40-2 in blue/yellow.  I use it for occasional appearances in the D&RGW era as well as BNSF trackage-rights trains.

Qty: 1

Era: 1996-2001

ATSF235-EB  The SD75M was not a frequently-seen model but they came through on occasion (I have photos). I got this unit at an estate sale for almost nothing, and it’s a fantastic runner. Athearn Genesis unit, now DCC.

I have been updating the BNSF fleet to DCC and that process is nearly complete.


Qty: 4

Era: 1996-Present

I have four C44-9W‘s on the roster, in three different BNSF schemes.  Variety is fun…


LPD BNSF 4926 wp eb


No. 1005 is a Kato unit in the first Heritage scheme.

Three C44’s at West Portal.  No. 4316 is a blue-box unit, in H2 lettering. No. 4926 is a Kato unit, also in H2.

No. 701 was one of the earliest deliveries after the merger, which explains the red/silver Warbonnet (or “Fakebonnet”) paint scheme.  This is a detailed Athearn blue-box unit, now DCC with ditch lights.


Qty: 1

Era: 1996-Present

Oakway9090 The EMD / Oakway Leasing SD60 is a crowd favorite. From Athearn and also picked up at the estate sale for a song. I have seen photos of these on the Moffat as recently as 2012, although they would be a rarity. I don’t care, it’s gorgeous…
GP60M / GP60B

Qty: 2

Era: 2002-present

(photo coming later) For complete whimsy I have a BNSF H2 GP60M!  Possibly the least common units to see on the Moffat, but I have seen photos. (I also have a GP60B in ATSF colors to go with it– and yes there is photographic evidence.)

Qty: 1

Era: 2007-present

La Plata Division: BNSF 6677 4316 The most modern BNSF unit on the roster is an ES44C4, from Walthers. Here it’s paired with a blue-box Athearn C44-9W.

Both are DCC-equipped.