LPD Locomotives- BNSF and Components

Some Models Appear as Early as 1981

BNSF has trackage rights over the UP Central Corridor (i.e. over the Moffat), so I include BNSF in my scheme post-1996. This means that there’s lots of room for BN and ATSF units as well as orange BNSF power. Additionally, BN power made frequent guest appearances during the D&RGW and SP eras; even the occasional Santa Fe unit showed up then.

Note the LMX leaser shown below. It could show up on SPL trains as well as BNSF.

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Model Photos Remarks

Qty: 2

Era: 1975-2005 (depending)

BN7054 No. 7054 is a nicely-detailed Athearn unit that I picked up on ebay.I have another similar unit that I gave a minimal detailing treatment to.

Qty: 1

Era: 1975-2005 (depending)

BN5112 LPD This is an Atlas red-box unit; it performs great and I love its appearance. These were extremely numerous on coal trains and appeared on BNSF trackage rights trains up to their retirement circa 2000. Also showed up in Coleto Creek coal trains on the D&RGW/SP. DCC.

Qty: 1

Era: 1996-2010

BN9405 No. 9405 is in the “Executive” or Grinstein green scheme. It’s a Rail Power shell over an Athearn drive that I picked up on ebay. Not common on this line but they have shown up occasionally.
LMX Leasing:
B39-8Qty: 1Era: 1988 – 2003
LMX8507-EB LMX Leasing unit, common on the BN but also made appearances on the SPL. This is No. 8507.  It’s since been converted to a GRLX lease unit. DCC.

Qty: 1

Era: 1978-2005 (depending on unit)

atsf5028-big10-wb I have one SD40-2 in blue/yellow.  I use it for occasional appearances in the D&RGW era as well as BNSF trackage-rights trains.

Qty: 1

Era: 1996-2001

ATSF235-EB  The SD75M was not a frequently-seen model but they came through on occasion (I have photos). I got this unit at an estate sale for almost nothing, and it’s a fantastic runner. Athearn Genesis unit, now DCC.

I have been updating the BNSF fleet to DCC and that process is nearly complete.


Qty: 4

Era: 1996-Present

I have four C44-9W‘s on the roster, in three different BNSF schemes.  Variety is fun…


LPD BNSF 4926 wp eb


No. 1005 is a Kato unit in the first Heritage scheme.

Three C44’s at West Portal.  No. 4316 is a blue-box unit, in H2 lettering. No. 4926 is a Kato unit, also in H2.

No. 701 was one of the earliest deliveries after the merger, which explains the red/silver Warbonnet (or “Fakebonnet”) paint scheme.  This is a detailed Athearn blue-box unit, now DCC with ditch lights.


Qty: 1

Era: 1996-Present

Oakway9090 EMDX9090 The EMD / Oakway Leasing SD60 is a crowd favorite. From Athearn and also picked up at the estate sale for a song. I have seen photos of these on the Moffat as recently as 2012, although they would be a rarity. I don’t care, it’s gorgeous…  DCC
GP60M / GP60B

Qty: 2

Era: 2002-present

BNSF112 For complete whimsy I have a BNSF H2 GP60M!  Possibly the least common units to see on the Moffat, but I have seen photos. (I also have a GP60B in ATSF colors to go with it– and yes there is photographic evidence.) DCC.

Qty: 1

Era: 2007-present

La Plata Division: BNSF 6677 4316 The most modern BNSF unit on the roster is an ES44C4, from Walthers. Here it’s paired with a blue-box Athearn C44-9W.

Both are DCC-equipped.