LPD Locomotives- Amtrak

Several Models Are Required to Span All Eras

Amtrak began operations over the Moffat in April 1983, after the demise of the Rio Grande Zephyr. The first type of Amtrak power was the F40PH, and it was nearly* exclusive up until the advent of the Genesis series in 1993 and still dominant as late as 1995. The P40 series gradually replaced the F40’s, to be displaced in turn by the newer and slightly more powerful P42’s circa 1998.

The Ski Train leased F40PH’s from Amtrak starting in 1998 and used them as late as summer 2000, before purchasing a trio and repainting them.

* I have seen a B32-8 on video from 1992.

Model Photos Remarks
Qty: 2
Era: 1983-1999
f40phs From Walthers. Typical Amtrak power from the late 1970’s into the mid-1990’s.  They also work for the Ski Train in 1997-1999. Phase 3 scheme.
P40 [AMD-103]
Qty: 2
Era: 1993-2000
LPD Amtk 803 These arrived circa 1993, but were by no means the sole CZ power. They match well with my Phase IV Superliner cars, though. These were delivered in the “flapping-ribbon” version of Phase 3 stripes.
Qty: 3
Era: 2000-present


Two of these units are in Phase V, the scheme worn by all present-day power.

The third and newest is Heritage unit No. 156 (from Kato). This unit certainly puts on a light show!  [156 Era: 2011- later, and now DCC equipped]