Amtrak P42 Walkaround

On January 5, 2006,  the California Zephyr was run as a stub operation west of Denver, terminating in Grand Junction.  As a result, the equipment was parked at the Grand Junction depot and easily accessible for the entire morning.  I availed myself of the opportunity to walk around and take a few detail photos.  It helped that the old yard office building has an external stairway and balcony that overlooks the track…

Both of these units were in the modified Phase V paint scheme (low stripe).  No. 75 was from the first P42 order and No. 201 is from the second, but there are essentially no noticeable differences between them at this time.

Amtk75-GJ-010506_02 The unit’s number on the right-side flank.  The battery
box is below.
Amtk75-GJ-010506_03 Here’s the fuel filler and air reservoir on the right side.
See how the stripe has come loose, no doubt due to diesel spillage.
Notice also the sheet-metal guard on the air reservoir.
Amtk201-GJ-010506_03 The left side of both No. 201 and No. 75.
Amtk201-GJ-010506_04 Cab of No. 201, left side.
Amtk201-GJ-010506_05 Here’s the upper air intakes and the inset area behind the
cab.  Note the bell covers on the horns.
Amtk201-GJ-010506_06 Left side, rear.
Amtk201-GJ-010506_11 Ground-level portrait.  How about the BNSF caboose on
track 3?  It’s used in local service between Grand Junction and Lacy.
Amtk201-GJ-010506_12 Builder’s placard, right side of No. 201.

For more information on the Genesis series, visit — a very informative and comprehensive website dealing with this series of locomotives.