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GP40-2 No. 1350, switching at Grand Junction on 4/28/2014. This is the former D&RGW No. 3100.

Built April 1972, Patched to UP 1350 Jan 2006 (last D&RGW unit so treated), full repaint circa December 2011.

GP40-2 No. 1363, switching at Grand Junction on 4/28/2014. This is the former D&RGW No. 3111.

Built December 1972, patched to UP 1363 in Aug 2005, full repaint

GP40-2 No. 1373, at Roubideau, CO on 4/15/2010. This unique unit, one of only three built, started out as a Southern Pacific GP40P-2, equipped with a steam generator for passenger service around San Francisco.  Later these units were converted to freight-only.  Notice the boxy end to the long hood.  These units are 30 inches longer than a standard GP40-series locomotive, and the flared radiator is certainly unique amongst 4-axle models.

 Two now survive on UP's roster.

GP40-2 No. 1396, working the local at Delta, CO on 8/10/2007.  It was originally SSW 7640, built January 1979 and repainted this way in August 2005.

GP40-2 No. 1510, two views. Photographed on the Potash turn, a local train out of Grand Junction that serves Intrepid Mining's Moab Salt facility west of Moab-- terminus of the Cane Creek branch. This unit was formerly SP's GP40M No. 7132. Re-designated by UP as a GP40-2.

Built Feb 1969 for the B&O, rebuilt April 1991 by MK for the SP, numbered UP 1510 in December 2001, full repaint circa August 2010.

GP40-2 No. 1526, two views. Photographed on the Potash turn, same day as No. 1510 above. This is the former GP40M SSW No. 7291.

Built Sept 1967 as L&N 3024, to Seaboard 6820, rebuilt Jan 1991 by MK as SSW 7291, patched as UP 1526 in Aug 2005, full repaint circa December 2010.

GP60 No. 5702, in Pueblo on 9/19/1999.  It was originally ordered for the D&RGW in 1990 as No. 3156, built to Cotton Belt specs-- basically a Southern Pacific Lines unit in black-and-gold.  It was repainted in UP colors in May 1998, and has since been renumbered 1902 (January 2001).  Many SP and SSW GP60s were similarly repainted, but this unit's two D&RGW siblings were not-- merely patched.


GP38-2 No. 695.  This non-dynamic brake unit was built as MP 2195 in 1980.  Though not in the UPY series of locomotives, it is being used as a yard switcher. Note that it is equipped with twin amber beacons on the cab.

Top: seen in the yard at Denver on 7/29/2007.

Bottom: A much better view, skylined on a fill just off the Belt Line off 58th Street in Denver on 12/17/2014.

GP38-2 No. 2395, working a local at Delta, CO on 8/10/2007.  It was built in 1975, and came to UP in 1997.  It's scheduled to be renumbered to 895, but it's been waiting since 1999 for that to happen...
GP40-2 No. 5338, ex-SP No. 7955, idling at Montrose, CO in September 2004.  Southern Pacific giveaways are the low-nose headlights and the antenna plate. Renumbered to UP 1438 in 2006.
SD40-2 No. 3215, running third at Granby, CO, 8/9/2007.  This unit arrived in 1973.  It was unusual, and nice, to see such an old unit on a mainline freight train after so many years.
SD40-2 No. 3354.  This was once the most numerous class of locomotives  in the United States, with thousands in service (plus their slightly-longer sisters, the SD40T-2).  This unit was photographed at Cedar City, UT in June 2004.  It had been renumbered from No. 3798 the previous October, to make room on the roster for new SD70M's.  It was built in 1980.
SD40-2 No. 3311, built July 1976, seen in Cedar City in June 2004.
SD40-2 No. 3394, at Houston on 9/17/2007.  This unit came in April 1977, part of a series of SD40-2's that came equipped with the 116" nose.
SD40N No. 1552, in Denver on 12/16/2014.  It's being turned on the wye at North Yard.

Built as SD40-2 No. 3295 in March 1975.

SD40N No. 1672, in Denver on 12/16/2014.  It's being turned on the wye at North Yard.

Built as SD40-2 No. 3671 in January 1980.

SD40-2 No. 4768, rebuilt from an SD40 originally built for the Pennsylvania RR.  UP acquired it in October 1999.  Here it's seen at Tucumcari in March 2001.  It was renumbered UP 2818 in December of that year.  See here for a photo of it leading the Ski Train on February 10, 2002.
SD40T-2 No. 2925, seen in Houston in April 2005.  This unit was originally SP 8545, repainted to UP No. 4490 in 1999, and renumbered in 2001, as shown here.
SD40T-2TR No. 2937, in Houston on 10/17/2007. This is the ex- SP No. 8264, first renumbered in 1997.  She and the other units in the series 2866 - 2949 were refurbished by UP, hence the "R" suffix. 

For a 1992 photo in SP paint, see here.

SD40T-2 No. 4370 is in the engine service area at Denver North Yard in November 2000.  It was originally Southern Pacific No. 8304, delivered in 1974.  It was repainted in UP colors in July 1999.  Four months after this photo it was renumbered 2867.
Directly behind it is UP No. 5661, a GE B40-8 that was originally SSW 8053, delivered in 1988, repainted in August 1999, and renumbered 1852 in October 2002.
SD40T-2 No. 4056 sits third in an eastbound consist in the yard at Tucson, AZ on 3/31/2000.  This unit was originally D&RGW No. 5369.  It was renumbered to UP 8626 shortly after this photo (see UP 5999 below).  It was originally delivered in August 1975.
SD40T-2 No. 8725 working in the yard at Grand Junction on March 7, 2002.  This unit was originally SP No. 8525 and was delivered in December 1978.  Renumbered to UP 4455 in November 1997, it was changed to 8725 in May 2001. It was later retired, in April 2005.

The photo was backlit on an extremely dim evening.  I did my best to bring it to life with Photoshop, but there's only so much you can do with a dark scan...

SD60, SD60M, SD70M, SD70ACe Series
SD60 NREX 5962, former UP 5962, former C&NW 8036. Here it's on a BNSF train just departing Denver on the Front Range sub.

Built September 1986 for C&NW. To the UP number in September 1998; off the UP roster in January 2002.

SD60 No. 5999 and SD40T-2 No. 8626 head a rail train at Coal Creek Canyon (west of Denver) in August 2001.  No. 8626 is the renumbered 4056 (see above).  No. 5999 is the ex-C&NW 8050, which was new in 1986, repainted UP 5999 in 1996, and returned to the lessor at the start of 2002.
SD60M No. 6231, at Tucumcari in March 2001.  It was received in 1990 by UP.  These units were some of the first units to come with the wider "safety" cab.  In 2005 it was renumbered to 2386. 
SD60M No. 6335 is the trailing unit on an unusual auto-rack movement over the Moffat, on 12/26/1998. This unit was delivered in September 1992. Subsequently it was renumbered to 2490, in October 2003. Apologies for the grainy, distant image; despite the quality you can still make out the faded gray patches on the hood.  This train was tied down in Rollinsville, headed east.

SD60M No. 2317, both sides. This unit delivered June 1989 as No. 6162 and renumbered as shown in November 2004. Note that the "triclops" cab windows are vertical, as compared to the sloped glass in the later, 2-pane design as seen on the SD70 series.

Top: switching at the west end of Grand Junction yard, 4/27/2014.

Bottom: following day on freight MGJNY rolling through Palisade.


SD60M No. 2413, at the LA intermodal yard on 10/30/2015.

Built 11/1990 as UP 6258, renumbered in September 2004.

SD70M No. 3838 is spotted coming into Cisco, Utah on 4/27/2014 in full dynamic braking. Note the replacement battery box doors.

Delivered July 3, 2004.

SD70M No. 3940, a Phase 2a unit, at Granby, CO on 8/8/2007.  Here's the builder's plate for this unit.

TOP: Note the flared radiators distinctive of the later series of SD70M's.  They hearken back to the SD45's of the 1960's.  Compare to the flat radiators on the earlier SD70M's in this photo.  Note the brakewheel location at back right of the long hood, also like the SD45.

MIDDLE: Opposite side view.  See the squared traction motor duct, which looks like nothing in older EMD models.  Note the 4-panel radiators, indicative of EPA Tier I compliance.

BOTTOM: Front view.  Note: high-mounted, side-by-side headlights, the large winged herald, and the ditch lights above the walkway (rather than pilot-mounted as on some earlier UP units).

SD70M No. 3971, a Phase 2b unit (with flared radiators and boxy nose), is on the point of a westbound freight at Sulphur. CO.  It's 8/09/2007.  The "flag" applique on these units does not seem to hold up very well.
SD70M Nos. 4029 and 4007 lead the ZRODV-10 (eastbound intermodal train) through Glenwood Canyon on October 10, 2000.  This was the typical power arrangement during the years 2000 - 2001. Part of UP's first order of SD70Ms, these units arrived in June and July 2000, respectively, which makes them brand new as of the photo.
SD70M No. 4082, trailing unit on a westbound doublestack train on the Sunset Route, a couple of miles west of the AZ-NM border.

This unit built December 2000, almost 13 years prior to the photo.

SD70M No. 4085 is spotted in Los Angeles at the intermodal yard above the port on 10/30/2015. This is from the first group of SD70M's, November 2000. It had just arrived from a cross-country run from Illinois.
SD70M No. 4344 on the Sunset route, trailing unit on an eastbound doublestack train just east of Casa Grande.

This unit built March 2001.

SD70M No. 4356, facing south (and in a good location for a decent photo) at the LA intermodal yard on 10/30/2015.

Built May 2001.

SD70M No. 4385 is spotted in Los Angeles at the intermodal yard above the port on 10/30/2015.  Typical first-batch SD70M and showing it age-- and also its continuing utility some 15 years later.
SD70M No. 4530 is on loan to the BNSF as it passes eastbound through Gallup NM on 9/11/2010.  It's a Phase IA but one of the higher-numbered ones not to receive the flared radiators.  (Apologies about the image-- one can only do so much when one is stuck in traffic!)

SD70M No. 4875, both sides. Delivered February 2002.

Top: Switching at the west end of Grand Junction yard, 4/27/2014.

Bottom: The following day leading freight MGJNY rolling through Palisade.


SD70M No. 4922. It was parked along with several GE units just beyond the Cargill elevator at North Yard, Denver (12/16/2014).

Built April 2002.

SD70M No. 5176, rear view. Not terribly esthetically pleasing, but shows the end details and radiator profile to good effect.  Spotted in Denver (North Yard) 12/16/2014.

Built November 2004.

SD70M's: Three versions are visible in this photo.  No. 4677 is a first-order Phase 1 with flat radiators.  Behind it, No. 3870 is a Phase 2a with angled 2-panel radiators.  To the right, No. 5204 has the Phase 2b boxy nose and 4-panel radiators (trust me).

Another photo showing these units here.  Better angle, but more distant.

SD70ACe No. 8551, on the BNSF Transcon west of Winslow, AZ (3/29/2008).  It wears the "flag" scheme.  Per Don Strack's site, these units are equipped with larger radiators in a flared carbody to accommodate separate radiator cores for diesel engine jacket water and for aftercoolers.  In that sense, they resemble the SD9043's below.  Delivered in April 2007, it's 11 months old in this photo.

SD70ACe No. 8671, trailing DPU on an eastbound coal load descending the Moffat. A friend of mine refers to this style of nose as having "a face that only a mother could love". Although I will agree they are not artistic, something about them says "high-tech" to me. Not sure why. Delivered August 2011.

Top: exiting tunnel 21, with a hi-railer in hot pursuit.

Bottom: Going away from us. That's tunnel 20 in the background.

SD70ACe No. 8724, waiting in Denver's North Yard next to the tower. This is an unusual view, being from above and behind; it shows the interesting filter assembly in the rear access door.  (12/16/2014)

Built sometime in the first 5 months of 2012; likely February or March.

SD70ACe No. 8847, UP type SD70AH, a typical late-model unit.  What is untypical is its location in this photo-- it's in Las Cruces, NM, running in a BNSF autorack train headed for El Paso (and points south of the border, presumably).  Too bad it was backlit.  (4/05/2015)

SD70ACe No. 8848, UP type SD70AH, part of a four-unit mid-train helper set on an eastbound coal train at West Portal. It's just completing the shove up the 2% grade to the Moffat Tunnel.  (2/18/2018)
SD90/43MAC Series
EMD's SD9043MAC  model was built with a 4300-hp prime mover.  UP's order was originally intended to receive a replacement H-block 6000-HP engine when these were available.  Delays with EMD's development of the H-block, and a growing realization by railroads that a 6,000-hp locomotive was overkill for most applications, meant that the 9043's kept their original prime movers.  UP refers to this type as the SD9043AC.

UP did order 62 of the full-blown SD90MACs in two variants, receiving them in 1997-98.  UP refers to this model as SD90AC.

The full SD90MAC's numbered 8500 and 8522-8561 were returned to EMD when their leases expired in 2005- 2006.  The number series was recycled, with some being used by SD70ACe's such as No 8551 above.

SD9043MAC No. 8041, seen at Coal Creek on 8/14/2001.  Power on this train was set up in 2 + 2 + 2 configuration, each pair consisting of an SD9043MAC and an SP AC4400.

Built August 1996, the month before the SP merger took place.

SD9043MAC No. 8044, at the Colorado 72 overpass between Clay and Plain, west of Denver, on August 14, 2001.  These units are difficult to fit into a single frame, when standing trackside!

Built August 1996.

SD9043MAC No. 8065, in Glenwood Canyon in late June 2003.  It's in the swing helper of an eastbound coal load.

Built September 1996, the same month as the SP merger.

Top view of SD9043MAC No. 8066.  It's part of the swing helper (remote) on an eastbound train at Plain (west of Denver) on September 4, 1999.  Note the complete revamping of the traditional EMD fan arrangement.  Of particular note is the movement of the dynamic brake radiators to the end of the hood, as opposed to being located just behind the cab.  This unit was received in September 1996.
SD9043MAC No. 8135, in Grand Junction, CO in November 2002. 

This unit arrived in April 1997. 

SD9043MAC No. 8155 is waiting in the yard at Glenwood Springs on 9/01/2008.  Delivered in May 1997, evidently there is some confusion between its builder number and frame number...
SD9043MAC No. 8256 is waiting for its turn in Glenwood Springs, 9/01/2008.  Delivered in April 1998, she has now received yellow FRA sill striping.
SD9043MAC No. 8257, rear helper on a train at Rocky, CO on 9/04/1999.  This unit arrived in April 1998, so it's about a year and a half old in this photo. This photo shows the opposite side from No. 8135 above, and gives you a good idea of the size of these monsters.  The SD90 series were not well-liked by some of the crews-- they loaded up very quickly (power transferring to the AC motors), causing them to buck and slip more than their counterparts from GE.
* SD90MAC No. 8533 leads a westbound coal empty past No Name (Glenwood Canyon) in June 2003.  This unit actually has the 6,000 HP prime mover. Paired with a C60AC, the two locos had plenty of power for this train.  All the full SD90s were retired around 2006.



See my SW1500 Walk-around Album at Flickr. I got the opportunity to thoroughly photograph a pair of ex-UP SW1500's at the Navajo Mine Railway in New Mexico.
UPY 570 is a GP15-1, originally Missouri Pacific No. 1570 (actually lettered for Chicago & Eastern Illinois when delivered).  Here it's in Denver on 9/1/2008.
A pair of GP15-1's of Missouri Pacific heritage are switching in Denver North yard on July 29, 2007.  No. 590 was MP 1590, went through repainting and renumbering and ended up as a UPY unit in May 2003.  UPY 607 was MP 1607 and has been in the current number since July 2001.  See here for more details.
UPY 681 is a GP15-1, originally MP 1681. Built February 1982 and renumbered to this UPY number in May 2003.
UP 1205 is a GP39-2 from the MKT.  Here it's switching in Denver's North Yard on 91/2008.  Her paint is getting a bit tattered.
UPY 1215 is an SW1500, originally SP 2629, built in 1972.  Here it's in Denver near the Cargill elevator on 7/29/2007.
UPY 1449 is an MP15AC, formerly SP 2720, built September 1975 and renumbered as shown here in June 2000. Here it's switching on a spur off Denver's Belt Line along 58th St.  (12/17/2014)
UPY 1453 is an MP15AC, formerly SP 2725, built September 1975 and renumbered by UP in November 2003. Here it's parked in Denver's former DRGW North Yard near the Cargill elevator. (12/16/2014)
Two pairs of remote-control yard locomotives, seen at North Yard on 7/29/2007.  The two southernmost units are Y1150 and Y1158, both SW1500's of SP heritage-- nee SP 2572 and SSW 2585, respectively.  Back left is UPY 1002, originally SP 2555, retired in 1995 and recently refurbished for UP by Helm.  Back right is GP38-2 No. 801, originally MP 2301.  The lack of dynamic brakes is a good clue to the unit's heritage.  In this shot, it appears that the two closest locos are the controlling units, and the back two are simply MU'd to them for extra horsepower.
Switcher Smorgasbord: four UPY units in Denver on September 1, 2008.  Left to right: MP15DC No. 1296, originally MP 1366 and given this number in May 2008.
GP15-1 No. 642, originally MP 1642.
Another GP15-1 whose number is blocked by the pole, an MP alumnus.
SW1500 No. 1091, formerly SP 2495.

Above 1296's hood is an SD40-2, No. 3208, a veteran road unit still earning its keep.

UPY 2005 is a rebuilt, ultra-low-emissions switcher designated as a 2GS14B (two gensets, 1,400 HP, B trucks).  It is the only one built with a center cab. Here it's near the LA intermodal yard on 10/30/2015.


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