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Updates to the SP Section Home
12/15/2016: Finally added good portraits of three SD70M's to the Six-axle page. This corrects an oversight going back at least a decade...

8/07/2015: Sometimes after a drought, you get lucky! I caught FOUR SP / SSW auto racks on a single train in Las Cruces.  See the Rolling Stock page.

4/06/2015: Added another AC4400 photo: the former 262, now patched to UP 6307.

3/10/2015: Added a photo of Tunnel Motor No. 8568 to the Six-axle Units page. Also added rare unpatched AC4400 No. 177 to the AC4400 Tribute as well as several repainted units seen in April 2014.  I also repaired all the stale links on the SP in Colorado essay page.

5/01/2014: Added a pair of patched AC4400's to the AC4400 Tribute.

10/21/2013: Added a couple of rolling stock photos and two patched AC4400's (ex-165 and ex-371).

10/12/2011: Added four photos of an Espee alumnus SD40R, the ex-7343. It now wears different paint, but I got several up-close photos from all angles. Also found more data for another SD40R, the HLCX unit listed nearby.

4/01/2011: New photo of an Espee autorack (no fooling!).

1/13/2011: Added photo of an ex-Cotton Belt covered hopper to the Rolling Stock page.

8/19/2010: Added several video capture images of 6-axle units to the Six-axle Units page.  Original scenes recorded in June 1995. These include SD9, SD40M, and SD45T-2 locomotives.

3/16/2010: Added two photos of a SP train at La Veta Pass from 1996 on the Portraits and Landscapes page.

3/14/2010: Added five new units from video captures to the AC4400 page, recorded in the 1995 and 1996 timeframe (when they were very new).

11/17/2009: Additions to the AC4400 page.

3/02/2009: Added photo of No. 262 to the AC4400 page; made a couple of format updates to enhance the page.

2/27/2009: Updated a couple of photos on the AC4400 page (Nos. 214, 274).  Also added a new photo of an SSW auto rack on the Rolling Stock page.

2/19/2009:  Created a new page, Rolling Stock, and moved the equipment photos there from the Portraits and Landscapes page.  Also added a couple of photos of gondolas.

1/20/2009:  Added several features to the AC4400 page, including a table of unit numbers with links to photos, and two new images.

10/06/2008:  Added several photos to the  Six-axle Units page and one to the Portraits and Landscapes page.

9/02/2008: Added a pair of photos to the AC4400 Tribute page (go to the bottom).  Also fixed a mess discovered with the previous upload of the 8506 photo, and updated the photo of 8605 (hence the confusion).

6/6/2008: Several updates to the  Four-axle Units page.  Refurbed a photo of GP60 9738 and extracted a close-up image of the same unit from another photo.  Also re-processed the image of No. 9717 and friends-- larger and cleaner.  Also added an image of Tunnel Motor No. 8506 to the Six-axle Units page.

4/30/2008: Added two more photos to the AC4400 Tribute page (go to the bottom).  Looks like this is the most active page at present!

4/28/2008:  Added photo of former SP 110 to the AC4400 Tribute page, plus updated a few photos there.

4/22/2008:  Added photo of SP 7298 on the Four-axle Units page.  Made a correction and some minor text updates on the AC4400 Tribute page.

2/21/2008: Added brand-new action photo of HLCX 6335 (SD40R) to the Six-axle Units page.  Also added new autorack photos to the Portraits & Landscapes page.

1/3/2008: Upgraded the image of SD45T-2 No. 9401, and revised the explanation on the Six-axle Units page.

8/01/2007: Added three images to the AC4400 Tribute, and one of a 5-pack well car to the Portraits and Landscapes page.

2/09/2007: Updated the photos of SSW 9657 (GP60) and SPDU 681710 (48' container).  Added photo of SD45 in Tucson to Portraits & Landscapes.

10/02/2006: Added photo to the Portraits and Landscapes page of a tunnel motor and a GP60 on a train at Glenwood Springs, 1995.

9/29/2006: Added or updated a few images on the AC4400 Tribute page.  Look in the date range 2000-2001.

9/28/2006: Added image of tunnel motor 8532 to the Six-axle Units  page.

9/12/2006: Added three images to the AC4400 Tribute page.

8/21/2006: Added a boxcar photo at the Portraits and Landscapes page.

7/12/2006: Added several photos to the AC4400 Tribute page.

7/11/2006: Added a photo of a patched GP40M to the Four-axle Units page.

5/03/2006: Added several period photos to all pages-- scans from slides I shot in 1996.  One of these led me to discover that I had previously misidentified a tunnel motor!

4/12/2006:  Added the "Portraits and Landscapes" page.  Also added another 45T shot to the Six-axle page, and a B30-7 shot to the four-axle page.  And-- added this "Updates" page!


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