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9/18/2018:  Added quite a number of P42 photos on the Locomotives page, plus another view of 816. Since the photos are arranged chronologically (as well as linked via the reference table at top), just scroll down to see the newbies.

Fixed some broken links on the Locomotives page. Added new link on the Action Photos page to a heritage-led train in Ruby Canyon. Posted an improved version of No. 146 image.

1/17/2016: Catching up on the backlog. Added several photos to the Superliner page, added a couple of baggage cars to the Auxiliary page, added a couple more P42s and identified P42 No. 62 in an existing photo on the Locomotives page.  Updated the format of the Superliner page a bit, by adding series numbering and explanations.

8/28/2015: Added several photos of former El Capitan cars in Amtrak paint. I spotted these in Alamosa-- a rare opportunity go bag some historic equipment.

12/23/2014: Added several Superliner photos and one baggage car, as well as including heritage information for several other baggages.

12/22/2014: Added two more P42 locomotives to the Locomotives page-- Nos. 168 and 129.

6/11/2014: Added several more Superliners.

6/06/2014: Added a number of F40PH, P40m and P42 photos to the Locomotives page, as well as updating that page's functionality and structure. Featuring Heritage Unit No.156!  Fitting for the 70th Anniversary of D-day.

2/17/2012: Added several photos of all classes of Superliners.   Also added photo of Baggage 1757 to the Auxiliary page and a few more P-42's on the Locomotives page.

2/24/2011: Added new images to the Action Photos page, and shots of locomotives No. 86 and 137. Also added video-captures of P40DC No. 805 and B32-8 No. 503.

3/03/2010: Initial roll-out of this revamped and expanded Amtrak fansite.  My existing Amtrak subjects are now consolidated here, and I have added several new photos and features.







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