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5/23/2017: Added the RGZ in 1981 page.

11/02/2016: I have updated the structure of the Locomotives section to put each railroad's power onto its own page. There are a few new photos on these pages. Also new photos on the Fantasy BNSF Era page. Also updated the Track Plan to reflect as-built realities and new construction.

4/19/2016: Added photos of two new passenger trains to the Passenger Equipment page: the Prospector and the Union Pacific business train. Also a 1965 freight meet to the DRGW Era page.

12/22/2014: Added a new photo essay, A Day in 1982

2/01/2013: Reconstruction of the Equipment page. I split up the various types of equipment by category onto separate pages.  ALSO: Created a Fantasy, alternate reality scenario whereby the BNSF acquired the Moffat Line during the 1996 mergers.

9/25/2012: Added a pair of photos to the Southern Pacific Era page: one of a BN switching movement at DUT, and one of AC4400's exiting the Moffat Tunnel.

9/11/2012: Added several photos to the Union Pacific Era page, after discovering I had hardly any photos from modern times on the website. These new photos include a westbound UP freight and an eastbound BNSF trackage-rights train.

8/31/2012: Added photos of Derrick 029 and the Ski Train's power car 253 to the Equipment page.

8/23/2012: Reorganized the Photo Tour page into separate pages for each general era. Also added a few photos, and a trackwork tip on the introduction page.

11/08/2011: Ending the drought of new photos, I have added a number of new Ski Train photos to the Photo Tour  page .

11/12/2010:  First update in a while!  Added photos of two BN units and a BNSF unit to the Equipment page.

8/11/2010: Added photo of the Rio Grande Heritage Unit (1989) to the Photo Tour  page

6/17/2010: Added an Amtrak photo to the Photo Tour  page (featuring my two P-42 Phase V units and making unashamed use of Photoshop for the background).

5/11/2010: Updated the  Operations page: describe a Union Pacific-era operating session.

4/07/2010: Updated the Photo Tour  page with a new set of train-chasing photos. This time it's the Ski Train, and the time is December 1994. Yes, Folks, the Espee did in fact own this railroad for a while...

3/19/2010: Added a couple of Amtrak photos from the 1980s period to the Equipment and Photo Tour  pages. Also added a photo of part of my Union Pacific AC4400 fleet.

1/18/2010: Added photo of the two SD70M's (Union Pacific) to the Equipment page, as well as to the Timeline Photos page.

1/11/2010: Added photo of my new F9 project to the Equipment page, plus a new SP GP60 group photo, and updated a few details on that page.

12/23/2009: Updated the track plan to reflect reality, cleaning it up a bit in the process.

12/02/2009: Added photo of a pair of remote helper AC4400's to the Photo Tour  page.

11/04/2009: Added photo of tunnel 27 to the Scenery & Structures page, and a photo of my two SD45's to the  Equipment page.

10/29/2009: Added a scenic photo to the Scenery & Structures page, of a freight passing through the new forest at Hideaway Park.  Also updated some of the information on the Equipment page.

9/30/2009: Added more photos to the  Timeline Photos page.  These are UP-era photos.

8/25/2009: Moved to new domain,  Also added two new images to the Equipment page (patched SP AC4400, and BNSF C44-9W).

4/01/2009: New page-- Timeline Photos.  A chronological look at the Moffat line from 1970 through the present, as re-enacted on my layout...

3/17/2009:  Added photo of my brand-new SD9043MAC to the Scenery & Structures page.  Yup.  I'm working on adding a modern UP era to the layout.  Don't worry, though-- I'm not getting rid of the Rio Grande stuff!  It just gives me the modern option too.

3/06/2009: Brought the Equipment page up-to-date, and added a photo of the grain elevator to the Scenery & Structures page.

2/23/2009:  Updated basically everything.  Status reports are now current.  More interesting to most people will be the addition of a newly-completed scene, Tunnel 30.  Photo on the Scenery & Structures page.  I also switched out the photo of SD50 No. 5507-- it now poses at the new T30 scene (see the Equipment page).

1/30/2009:  Added photos of the AC4400 fleet on the Equipment page; one photo is cross-linked to the Photo Tour  page.

1/06/2009:  Brand-new set of photos on the Photo Tour  page.  We chase Amtrak up and over the mountain.

12/31/2008:  Happy New Year!  Two new photos on the Equipment page of a couple of items I scratch-built.  Very, very proud of these two cars.  Look for the NEW flashes by the steam generator car and the caboose.

9/30/2008: New photo on the Equipment page of Southern Pacific SD45R No. 7504.  Also added "group photos" of the Rio Grande tunnel motors instead of individual portraits.  I was running out of space on the server!

9/09/2008: New tunnel motor photos (No. 5390) on the Equipment and Photo Tour  pages.

8/11/2008: New Ski Train photo on the Photo Tour  page; updated photo of GP40-2 No. 3126 and added a Cotton Belt B40-8 on the Equipment page.

8/06/2008: New photos on Equipment page-- two new tunnel motors, a GP40-2, and a GP60.  Also some new photos on the Photo Tour  page.  And, I've updated the Concept somewhat-- see the bold-face type for details.

5/20/2008: New photo on the Scenery & Structures page-- showing part of the recently-completed Big Ten / Clay backdrop.

5/09/2008: Added a couple of locomotive photos to the Photo Tour  page-- AC4400's, and a passenger special with F units.

5/07/2008: Added a couple of locomotive photos to the Equipment page.

4/10/2008: Large-scale photo upgrade on the Photo Tour  page-- posted a new series where we follow a train up the line.

4/07/2008: Added several photos to the Equipment page, and updated the text.

2/06/2008: Several more photos on the Photo Tour  page.

1/22/2008: More photos on the Photo Tour Scenery & Structures, and  Equipment pages.

1/21/2008: Happy New Year!  Added two photos to the Photo Tour  page.

11/28/2007: Added photos to the Equipment, Concept, Photo Tour , and Scenery & Structures pages, along with much updated text.  Look for the splash for recent additions.

10/30/2007:  Added a couple of photos of the Big 10 area, recently-scenicked.  One is on the Scenery & Structures page and the other is on the Photo Tour page.  Added two Tunnel Motors to the Equipment page.

10/05/2007: Added two photos of my custom City Market trailers to the Equipment page.

9/17/2007: Added details for a 1986 operating session to the Operations page.

7/09/2007: Added photos to the Scenery & Structures  and Concept pages.

7/03/2007: Added several photos to the Equipment page, and one to theScenery & Structures page.

6/26/2007: Added two photos to the Scenery page, and one to the Photo Tour page that you don't want to miss.  Also, added a discussion of operating sessions to the Operations page.

6/15/2007: Added a photo to the Construction page.

6/12/2007: Added several photos on the Equipment page (reformatted the locomotives section), also to the Scenery page, and one to the Operations page.

6/05/2007:Added photo of SP No. 5322 to the Equipment page and changed the lead photo on the home page.

6/04/2007: Added photos of GP35 No. 3039 and SD45 No. 5320 on the Equipment page.

5/19/2007: Added some freight car photos to the Equipment page, and a photo of the chapel to the Scenery & Structures page.

5/19/2007: Addition of several new photos on the Equipment, Operations, and Photo Tour pages.

5/16/2007: Relocated site to current location ( .

12/08/2006: Complete web revamp of the La Plata Division site.


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