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This page contains close-up and detail photographs of various Rio Grande diesel locomotives. It is designed primarily for the model railroader who is seeking to get a closer look at locomotive details, but should also be useful for the general railfan who is interested in spotting features.  Hopefully it will be helpful for both.

Most of the images are high-density scans of slides, with a few prints or color negatives, and some are detail images cropped from shots that appear elsewhere on this website.   As a result, most of them will be very large, and will not fit on a normal computer screen without being compressed.  This is useful, however, when seeking to examine fine details in the image; simply scroll back and forth to navigate to another portion of the image.  Most of the images have a companion "key" and explanation that highlights certain features.

Several different models of locomotive are represented here.  At present, I have the F9, GP30, GP40, GP40-2, SD40T-2, SD45, and SD50 models represented.

These images span a wide timeframe; some date from before the end of actual Rio Grande operations, others are from the Southern Pacific era, and a few are contemporary (Union Pacific).  As a result, some features have changed from their original configuration.  These changes are noted on each image, and are as thorough as my knowledge permits.  If you have something to add, drop me a line and set me straight!

Click on the thumbnail pictures to bring up the individual pages.  WARNING-- Some of these are rather large!

EMD F9 Diesels

Size: 487 KB Here is a close look at the front of the "Queen of the Fleet", F9A No. 5771.  This photo is nearly at the end of her service career, from early April 1984.  She looks much as she did from the early '60s onward, except for the faded anti-glare paint.
Size: 500KB This shot centers on one of the F9B units, same time as the above photo. Also visible is the PB-1 steam generator No. 253.

EMD GP30 Diesels

Size: 251 KB Broadside view of GP30 No. 3002, seen in Alamosa in May 1999.
Size: 841 KB Fore and aft looks at GP30 No. 3006, taken in September 1994 while she was serving as the local switcher at Colorado Springs.


EMD GP40 and GP40-2 Diesels

Size: 476 KB Two GP40s at tunnel 1 on the Moffat on 12/24/1988.  These locomotives are about 22 years old at the time, and most features are original.
Size: 236 KB GP40 No. 3072, seen in May 1999 at Alamosa.  She's near retirement.
Size: 280 KB  This is a "modeler's eye" view of GP40 No. 3077, seen exiting tunnel 1 on the Moffat line on 12/24/1988.  This makes it just after the merger with Southern Pacific, but too soon for any features to have been changed.  Brand-new scan of the negative, as of 3/20/06.


Size: 350 KB Another "modeler's eye" view, this time of GP40-2 No. 3109.  It's on the Montrose local at Dominguez, CO in February 2003.  It has most original features intact, with the addition of ditch lights.


Size: 316 KB A pair of GP40-2's as rear helper, at Coal Creek Canyon, April 1984.  No. 3111 is on the tail end.  Original features?  Heck, yeah.  Still the original owner, when this was taken.

Three views of GP40-2 No. 3118, at Montrose, CO on September 18, 2004.  These photos have extremely fine detail.

360 KB 720 KB 1,080 KB


Size: 427 KB Head-on view of GP40-2 No. 3121, seen at Alamosa on March 7, 2003.  It has a hodge-podge of original and modified features.



Size: 326 KB Front-end view of GP40-2 No. 3128, showing her at Alamosa on Marcy 7, 2003.  This unit is nearly pristine, as far as features are concerned.  It was purchased separately from all other GP40-2s.
Size: 471 KB Left side of GP40-2 No. 3129, showing her at Rocky in March 2002.  This unit and sister No. 3130 are unique in many ways.
Size: 424 KB Right side of GP40-2 No. 3130, at Tunnel 1 on Dec. 24, 1988.


EMD SD40T-2 "Tunnel Motor" Diesels

Size: 440 KB Left-side view of SD40T-2 No. 5347, in November 1991.
Size: 562 KB  SD40T-2 No. 5350, leading a coal train at Tunnel 1 in December 1991.  This view shows most D&RGW modifications and features, without the later SP changes.
Size: 520 KB Top view of a late-model tunnel motor, from December 1991.
Size: 197 KB Engineer's side view of SD40T-2 No. 5395, seen at Tunnel 1 in November 1991.  This view is prior to any SP modifications.

EMD SD45 Diesels

Size: 297 KB Front view of SD45 No. 5321 in 1968. This shows the unit in as-delivered condition.
Size: 464 KB Flank view of SD45 No. 5315, also showing cab of No. 5334, in 1968.

EMD SD50 Diesels

Size: 487 KB Top-front view of SD50 No. 5512, lead unit of the swing helper on a coal train at Tunnel 1 (December 1991).  This unit still sports all its as-delivered features.
Size: 383 KB Right side view of SD50 No. 5507, running second on a Moffat coal train at Tunnel 1 (November 1991).

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