F9B Pair, Nos. 5762, 5763

and Steam Generator No. 253

As of April 1984

This photo shows the F9 trio leading the eastbound Ski Train in early April 1984.  As far as I know, this was the last run of the Ski Train powered by the Fs.  This photo was scanned from the negative.

Rio Grande only purchased two F9As and four F9Bs, but they share many details in common with other F-units in the fleet.

Number Range Date Purchased Comments
5771, 5774 Sept 1955 5771 was last operating F unit, ran on Rio Grande Zephyr, deadlined 1984.  5774 wrecked 3/1968.
5762 - 5763 Sept 1955 Last operating "B" units, ran on Rio Grande Zephyr, deadlined 1984.
5772 -  5773 Sept 1955 5772 wrecked 7/1965; 5773 wrecked 3/1968.

Specific information for individual units may be found on the Rio Grande Modeling & Historical Society's F9 page.

 (1) Alco PB-1 locomotive, gutted and converted to steam generator car No. 253 in 1964.  Painted with stacked "Rio Grande" herald 1968.  Circa 1980 lost its 3-axle trucks and now rides on EMD 2-axle trucks.

(2) Road numbers only on "B" end (the end with the internal steam generator equipment).

(3) Paint wraps around corners about 4" to 6".

(4) Externally-mounted air cooling coil for the airbrake compressor system.

(5) 48" dynamic brake fan, mounted in flat recess in the roof.

(6) Spark arrestors: one on each stack (2).

(7) Steam generator exhaust.

(8) Steam generator vent.  Also visible on the trailing "B" unit.

  • Later F7s and the F9s had a 48" dynamic brake cooling fan.
  • Side paint and striping on all "covered wagons" goes around the corner like this.
  • The brake coils are mounted externally to escape the warmer environment inside the carbody, making them more efficient.
  • Since the 567 diesel engines are non-turbocharged, they require spark arrestors to reduce the likelihood of starting trackside fires.
  • Both "B" units were equipped with internal steam generators, but the "A" unit did not.  These could usually meet demand during summer months but not winter, hence the addition of the steam generator car.



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