SD45 No. 5315, Rear View

May/June 1968


This view is the fireman's (left) side.  Of course, in later days that would be the conductor's side...  You can also see the front portion of No. 5334, which was brand-new at the time.

Rio Grande's SD45s came in two groups, as shown in this table.

Number Range Date Purchased Comments
5315 - 5324 Jan - Feb 1967 All SD45s delivered in the small "Flying Rio Grande" scheme. 
5325 - 5340 Mar - May 1968


Specific information for individual units may be found on the Rio Grande Modeling & Historical Society's SD45 page.

(1)  Windshield wipers. 

(2) Flared radiator.

(3) Rear class lights.

(4) Rear number board.

(5) Frame-mounted bell.

(6) End of duct is painted yellow (standard Rio Grande gold).

(7) Rerail frog.

(8) Lease placard.

(9) Speed recorder cable.

(10) Builder's plate.

(11) Cab sunshades.

  • Wipers are on all six cab windows.
  • Flared radiators are the most obvious spotting feature of SD45s.  Very few other types of locomotives ever received them, and no six-axle types that I'm aware of.
  • Number boards on front and rear carried stock EMD lettering, which didn't match the cab-side numbers in style.
  • The bell is mounted according to standard Rio Grande practice.
  • Not all units had the duct-end painted yellow; consult a photograph of your specific unit to be sure.
  • This is the earlier-model frog (identifiable by the slot and flared "ears").
  • Railroads seldom actually own their own motive power.  The lease details are spelled out on these placards, or stencilled onto the unit in the same location.
  • Speed recorder cables are on the leading truck, left side only.
  • Builder's plate comes from the factory, and identifies the locomotive type.
  • Sunshades were standard D&RGW practice for hood units (except for "B" units, after 1972).


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