GP40-2 No. 3130

As of December 1988

This right-side view shows one of the two newest, and unique, GP40-2s on the Rio Grande's roster.  She is leading a westbound manifest out of tunnel 1 on 12/24/1988.  The shadows are unfortunate, but you can see the front half of the locomotive fairly well.  This image dates from about two months after the merger with the Southern Pacific, and locomotive modifications have not yet started.

Rio Grande's GP40-2s came in several groups, as shown in this table.

Number Range Date Purchased Comments
3094 - 3105 Apr 1972 All GP40-2s delivered in the billboard "Rio Grande" scheme.
3106 - 3115 Dec 1972  
3116 - 3127 Sept 1974  
3128 Nov 1974 Replaced wrecked GP40 No. 3063.
3129 - 3130 1983 Also wreck replacements.  Have many updated features similar to EMD's GP50 model.

Specific information for individual units may be found on the Rio Grande Modeling & Historical Society's GP40-2 page.

(1) Dynamic brake blister: contrast the right side seen here with the left side on the 3129 photo.

(2) Rounded, jumbo anti-climber.

(3) Leslie P-3 air horn.

(4) Hatch on top of nose.

(5) Pyle Gyralite.

(6) Sill is straight across, not notched upward like most earlier EMD hood units (including all other GP40-series on the Rio Grande).

  • This is a typical Dash-2-style dynamic brake housing.  The blister on the left side extends further forward.
  • These anticlimbers are similar to those on the SD50s and GP60s.
  • No. 3129-3130 were delivered with the Leslie horn.
  • This nose hatch was standard on EMD models from the GP50 onward, and was put on these two late-model GP40-2s.
  • It's difficult to tell the difference between a Mars light and a Pyle Gyralite without a clear photo.  The differences are as follows:

    - Pyle lights have two hinges on the right side and one screw-down lock on the left side. 

    -Mars lights have two screw clasps on both sides, and a prominent rubber gasket around each light.


  • EMD models from GP50 onward had a straight sill.  These units, being produced right before the GP50 came into the catalog, share many of the newer features.



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