GP40-2 No. 3129

As of March 2002

This left-side view shows one of the two newest, and unique, GP40-2s on the Rio Grande's roster.

Rio Grande's GP40-2s came in several groups, as shown in this table.

Number Range Date Purchased Comments
3094 - 3105 Apr 1972 All GP40-2s delivered in the billboard "Rio Grande" scheme.
3106 - 3115 Dec 1972  
3116 - 3127 Sept 1974  
3128 Nov 1974 Replaced wrecked GP40 No. 3063.
3129 - 3130 1983 Also wreck replacements.  Have many updated features similar to EMD's GP50 model.

Specific information for individual units may be found on the Rio Grande Modeling & Historical Society's GP40-2 page.

Features unique to this group of GP40-2s:

(1) Sill is straight across, not notched upward like most earlier EMD hood units (including all other GP40-series on the Rio Grande).

(2) Rounded, jumbo anti-climber.

(3) Late-model, squared traction motor blower housing.

Other features of note:

(4) Frame-mounted bell, standard Rio Grande practice.

(5) SP-style ditch lights, although on lower stanchions than some other units.

(6) Low-nose headlight (Pyle Gyralight in this case) removed and plated over.

(7) Horn relocated to long hood, forward of the radiator fans.  Many horn relocations place the horn behind the first radiator fan.

(8) Battery stains below the battery compartment-- an interesting weathering feature.

  • EMD models from GP50 onward had a straight sill.  These units, being produced right before the GP50 came into the catalog, share many of the newer features.
  • These anticlimbers and blower housings are similar to those on the SD50s and GP60s.


  • Most units modified in the SP era (i.e. receiving ditch lights) also lost their Pyle light at that time.




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