GP40-2 No. 3128

As of March 2003

This view is the conductor's (left) side front.

Rio Grande's GP40-2s came in several groups, as shown in this table.

Number Range Date Purchased Comments
3094 - 3105 Apr 1972 All GP40-2s delivered in the billboard "Rio Grande" scheme.
3106 - 3115 Dec 1972  
3116 - 3127 Sept 1974  
3128 Nov 1974 Replaced wrecked GP40 No. 3063.
3129 - 3130 1983 Also wreck replacements.  Have many updated features similar to EMD's GP50 model.

Specific information for individual units may be found on the Rio Grande Modeling & Historical Society's GP40-2 page.

  • Except for the addition of UP-style ditch lights, and for the expected wear-and-tear of 29 years of service, this unit looks about as it did when delivered.
  • Even her number boards are original (they don't show in this photo, but trust me).



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