GP40-2 No. 3109

As of February 2002

Rio Grande's GP40-2s came in several groups, as shown in this table.

Number Range Date Purchased Comments
3094 - 3105 Apr 1972 All GP40-2s delivered in the billboard "Rio Grande" scheme.
3106 - 3115 Dec 1972  
3116 - 3127 Sept 1974  
3128 Nov 1974 Replaced wrecked GP40 No. 3063.
3129 - 3130 1983 Also wreck replacements.  Have many updated features similar to EMD's GP50 model.

Specific information for individual units may be found on the Rio Grande Modeling & Historical Society's GP40-2 page.

(Sorry about the motion blur!  It was rather dim that day)

(1) Mars Light on low nose

(2) Nathan M3 air horn

(3) Union Pacific - style ditch lights

(4) Dash-2 style extended-range dynamic brake blister

(5) Ditch lights on rear of unit (shown here on No. 3097)


  • GP40s of this class were all delivered with the Mars signal light.  Some were later replaced with Pyle lights as maintenance required it, since Mars later went out of production.
  • Rio Grande locomotives delivered before 1980 came with the Nathan M3 air horn.
  • Units upgraded post-UP-merger (1996) have this style of light, which is mounted below the deck on the pilot and is not painted to match the unit.  Ditch lights installed during the SP era are on brackets that extend above the deck.
  • Compare the dynamic brake blister to that on GP40 No. 3077, which does not extend as far forward.  This style was inaugurated with the dash-2 series around 1972.
  • Under Union Pacific, units assigned primarily to local service usually have ditch lights mounted front and back, since they sometimes end up running long-end forward.



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