GP40 No. 3072

As of May 1999

This photo shows No. 3072 in Alamosa, CO, 5/14/1999.  By this time it was not rated to lead trains-- it was configured as a "B" unit-- and was buried in the consist.  It would be retired exactly a year after this photo, May 15, 2000.

Rio Grande's GP40's came in several groups, as shown in this table.

Number Range Date Purchased Comments
3051 - 3063 Jan 1966 Demoted to B-unit status, 1972
3064 - 3068 Sept 1966 Demoted to B-unit status, 1972
3069 - 3080 Feb 1967 3069-3075 demoted to B-unit status, 1972
3081 - 3085 Oct 1969 Delivered in Billboard "Rio Grande" lettering
3086 - 3093 Nov 1971 Delivered in Billboard "Rio Grande" lettering
3131 - 3153 1983 Purchased second-hand from Conrail. Had temporary unit numbers until repainted 1984-1985.

Specific information for individual units may be found on the Rio Grande Modeling & Historical Society's GP40 page.

 (1) Dual engine-room vents

(2) Sinclair antenna

(3) Leslie P3 air horn

(4) Sunshades.  (see note at right)

(5) Handbrake, ratchet-style

(6) Missing speed recorder cable

(7) Bell, mounted according to typical Rio Grande practice


  • Most earlier GP40s had an additional engine room vent added by the railroad after delivery, forward of the dynamic brake fan.
  • Rio Grande locomotives delivered before 1980 came with the Nathan M3 air horn, but some were replaced over time.  The Leslie bells (shown here) are longer.
  • GP40 Nos. 3051 through 3075 were downgraded to "B" unit status in 1972.  When that happened, most cab amenities such as sunshades were removed, as well as speed recorder cables.   However, some of these units were later upgraded (during the SPL era) to be able to lead trains (promoted to "A" unit status).  This unit has sunshades, so it is possible that it was one of the upgrades.  At time of this photo, it had again been downgraded by UP to booster status. 




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