GP30 No. 3002

As of May 1999

Taken on May 14, 1999 at Alamosa, this photo shows is one of the four GP30's that were repainted in the "billboard" Rio Grande scheme.  She is 3 months from retirement, and was subsequently scrapped.

Rio Grande's GP30s came in two groups, as shown in this table.

Number Range Date Purchased Comments
3001 - 3013 Apr-May 1962 Nos. 3001, 3002 later received large Rio Grande herald.
3014 - 3028 Jan-Feb 1963 Nos. 3014, 3027 later received large Rio Grande herald.  Nos. 3021-3028 downgraded to B-unit status in 1972.

Specific information for individual units may be found on the Rio Grande Modeling & Historical Society's GP30 page.

(1) Radiator fans: one 36" fan surrounded by two 48" fans.

(2) "Billboard" Rio Grande herald.  These units were originally delivered in the small "flying Rio Grande".  This unit was repainted.

(3) Nathan M3 horn (original)

(4) Nose stripes: on this unit they wrap further around the corner than is typical.

(5) Hand brake: ratchet-style.

(6) Speed recorder cable.  Indicates this unit could probably lead a train, though I believe these units were not rated for this duty by 1999.



The only noticeable modifications to this unit seem to be:
  • Removal of the Mars light (low-nose-- hard to see from this angle), and
  • Addition of ditch lights below the pilots (UP style-- silver casing, most visible on rear end).


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