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2/22/2017: Created a GP40 Series reference page. Information on every unit in the fleet (features, details, changes over time up through the UP merger) including links to example images on the web.

1/20/2017: Added four overhead views of GP40-2 No. 3097 to the Geeps page. Photos courtesy of Dave Crinklaw, and I feel really bad that it took me 16 years to get these posted!

I also went through the Hotlinks page and cleaned up stale hyperlinks, removed those no longer in existence, added a couple favorites, etc.

10/26/2016: Added more maps, now as far west as Provo, and also including the Tintic Branch.

10/18/2016: Major website maintenance:
All material formerly hosted at users.sisna.com/jimbobnay is now consolidated here in the ACTIONroad.net structure. As part of that migration, I have been working diligently to repair all the broken links, missing images, etc.
I updated (i.e. re-wrote) the Rio Grande Now article to make it more comprehensive and accurate-- and current.
I resurrected the D&RGW System Maps feature. This is linked from the D&RGW section pages. By clicking on the main map provided, detailed maps of that area will pop up. I realize that Google Earth is a better mapping tool in nearly every way, but this provides you the railroad names along each section of the route, including tunnel numbers. (I originally created all this about 1999). Currently it's complete for standard-gauge lines from Denver to Thistle, and Denver to the Monte Vista area. The area between Helper and Thistle features better-detailed Topo Maps, and show the realignment after the 1983 landslide.

7/20/2014: Added several photos of a DRGW maintenance-of-way flatcar spotted in April 2014.

1/05/2013: Added more photos of the equipment stored around Monte Vista to the D&RGW Rolling Stock page.

2/28/2012: Added two hopper photos to the Rolling Stock page.

4/27/2011:  Added photo of SD45 5316 to the  SDs page.

1/27/2011: Reformatted the D&RGW Geeps page with tabular data for each model series. Also included new photos of GP30s previously not listed on this page (3008 / 3020).

12/29/2010: Added several photos to the D&RGW Rolling Stock page, of equipment stored around Monte Vista (boxcars, gondolas, etc).

4/14/2010: Added photos of two second-hand triple hoppers to the Rolling Stock page.

2/25/2010: Added a pair of photos to the Ski Train Gallery page.

1/27/2010:  Added new feature, Caboose Walk-around Photos.  Detail images of caboose No. 01423.

1/13/2010: Added seven photos of quad hoppers to the  Rolling Stock page, plus a table of builders dates for these.

12/11/2009: Upgraded the photo of Tunnel Motor No. 5403.  Also added four images of SD50 No. 5503 to the SDs page, courtesy of Bryan Flint.

12/04/2009: Added two photos to the Tunnel Motors page (5356 and the former 5389).  Thanks to Bryan Flint for the images.

10/01/2009:  Continued the cleanup process in the Rio Grande section of the site. 

9/28/2009: Cleaned up the  Tunnel Motors page considerably, updating much of the information, and added a couple of units from other pages that weren't listed here..

9/23/2009: Resurrected the Denver Deadline page, linked from within all the pages in the D&RGW section.

9/21/2009: Added two recent GP40-2 photos to the D&RGW Geeps page.  Also added a few cross-links, repaired broken links, and updated the final disposition information for many units on that page.

8/21/2009: Entire web migrated to www.ACTIONroad.net.  Everything is consolidated under one roof now. 



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