Happy Thanksgiving-- Rio Grande Style


Travel back to 1982 with me and enjoy a brief remembrance of the Rio Grande-- a holiday snapshot of a great railroad.

These photos were taken at Coal Creek Canyon on the morning of November 25, 1982-- Thanksgiving Day.

 The Rio Grande Zephyr, Train No. 17, starting out on its tri-weekly trip across Colorado and Utah.  My new bride gives the crew a wave.  My cousin next to her is too cool to wave at trains...
The Zephyr is climbing out of the canyon and headed toward Tunnel 1.  Kind of a distant shot for a 110 camera, but still dramatic.
The train is nearly to the tunnel now.  It's a good view of the hogback that necessitated the tunnel's construction.  This was the last-ever Thanksgiving run for the Zephyr-- it would be discontinued the following April.
As soon as the Zephyr was past the east switch of Plainview siding, this eastbound manifest freight came down the hill.  Here it's rolling past our location at a good clip.  It had three tunnel motors and a lone GP30 (with the billboard herald).


Do you remember the good old days of the Rio Grande?  Do you miss them?  I sure do...

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