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10/18/2013: It's been good lately for finding BN equipment out and operating!  Added two more SD60M's (former 9266, 9280) and a GP50 (3118).

9/13/2013: added 4 photos of SD60M 8198 nee 9298.

3/08/2013: Added a close-up of SD60MAC 9500.

2/25/2013: Added a walkaround of another SD60M, No. 8195 this time. I found it in Rincon, NM.

3/06/2012: Added several photos to the Equipment page, including those of an SD60M, an autorack, and several hoppers. Also fixed some facts on the Action page-- it turns out that one of my photo trips occurred just before the BNSF merger, not after it. That officially makes them BN photos, which somehow makes me feel all legitimate or something...

8/04/2011: Added photos of four classic BN units to the Equipment page, all photographed at Longmont. Two are SD40-2's, plus a GP50 and (get this) a GP39V, originally built way back in 1965.

4/27/2011: Added photo of SD70MAC 9540, taken 9/14/1995.

4/13/2011: Added photo of a pair of SD40-2's to the Equipment page.

3/01/2011: Added a covered hopper photo (467198) taken at Gallup on 2/21/2011.

9/23/2010: Added a pair of auto racks, seen near Gallup on 9/11/2010.

5/11/2010: Added a pair of ACF hoppers, still in full green paint.

12/15/2009: Restructured the BN Tribute web.  Split the operational and more scenic scenes from the roster-oriented photos, creating an additional page.  I'm slowly accumulating enough material to have to subdivide it!

11/12/2009: Added photo of a pair of covered hoppers at Socorro.  See the Modern Miscellany section.

11/05/2009: Happy Guy Fawkes day!  Added another autorack photo-- taken 10/30/2009.  See the Modern Miscellany section.

9/25/2009: Added an autorack photo (dates to 2002).

9/14/2009: Added a photo of SW1500, now in a BNSF number but still green.

8/25/2009: Site relocated to

2/18/2009: Added recent photo of a triple hopper.

3/31/2008: Added two SD40-2 photos, and reorganized the page a little.

2/21/2007: Added photos of more BN covered hoppers and a BN highway trailer.

9/26/2006: Added another shot of the Grand Junction caboose, BN 12517, from January 2006.

9/11/2006: Added a shot of a BN covered hopper.

8/21/2006: Added a shot of two white-face geeps on the AT&SF Transcon in 1997.

8/17/2006: Added a couple of images from 2001 in Grand Junction, including a close-up of a caboose being used in local service, and one more shot from 1994.

8/11/2006: Site first posted on the web.

The main focus of this page is not the BNSF era, although there are still many active BN units (most or all of these have been lettered BNSF by now).  See my pages here and here for more BNSF-era shots.



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