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Central New Mexico ~ 2002
Traffic Blitz in the Central Rockies
BNSF at Needles
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Winter Railroading in Colorado
Gallup Area - 2010
Siouxland Rails
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10/31/2016: Caught up on a whole lot of roster-style photos, mostly dating from the end of July to mid-August 2016. Of note are several new B40-8 photos and several SD70ACe's. Added a few other strays going back as far as January 2014 to the roster pages and to the Action page. Just look for the New! bangs.

9/01/2015: Added a pair of Bluebonnet SD40-2's, 1622 and 1770.

4/06/2015: Added 3 photos to the Action page, including one of a Boeing train. Another is of run-through power in Las Cruces; the third is a scenic shot from the Thoreau area. Also added ES44AC No. 6127 to the GEVO roster.

1/07/2015: Added a number of photos from the Denver area to the various roster pages, too numerous to name them all here.

8/06/2014: Added a number of GEVO photos, a C40-8, and another SD60M.  Restructured the pages to enable scrolling.

1/23/2014: Added several units to the EMD and GE rosters, as well as cross-referencing several from the BN pages. New photos from January 2014, Oct 2013. One new image on the Action/Scenery page.

11/01/2013: Added a number of new images to the EMD page (SD60s, GP60s).

9/13/2013: Several photos added from the Springfield, MO area (on the GE and EMD roster pages).

2/25/2013: Added a walkaround of SD60M #8163.

2/08/2013: Revamped the appearance of the pages after discovering that Chrome is a lot less forgiving than IE of stray codes in the HTML... While cleaning up the mess, it was a good opportunity to look at page presentation with new eyes.

11/27/2012: Added photo of C44-9W No. 782 to the GE Roster page. I discovered this image in my camera's native memory; at the time the memory chip wasn't in the camera and I thought that no photo had actually been captured!  Nice surprise.

11/05/2012: Several additions to the GE Roster page. Data updates, notably in the ES44DC section.

6/24/2012: Added photos of B40-8 No. 508 and GP60M No. 126 to the appropriate pages.

5/25/2012: Added several more GP60 images to the  EMD page.

3/20/2012: Found two photos in the archives dating from 2002: GP60M No. 100 and SD40-2 No. 6853. Both now up on the EMD page.

1/18/2012: Added a photo of NS Dash 9-44C on the Foreign Power page.

10/05/2011: There's a bunch of new pictures on the GE page, from New Mexico, South Dakota, and Minnesota. Also a new trip report essay describing the north-central excursion. Also added a new page to the Motive Power section, for foreign power.

9/30/2011: Added a whole lot more photos to the EMD page, including several more GP60s and a couple of SD60s, plus a few other types. Also another ATSF B40-8.

8/12/2011:  Added several photos to the EMD page, four SD40-2's and a couple of 4-axle units all seen in Longmont in July 2011.

8/05/2011: Added two action photos from the Joint Line to the Action page, in the new Pikes Peak sub section.

4/27/2011: Added two older photos from my archives (5/23/1998) of C44-9W's to the GE page. One is a full ATSF warbonnet (618), the other an early H1 (1050).

2/22/2011: Added several new photos of GP60s and SD75Ms to the EMD page, and a B40-8W to the GE page. Gallup was a goldmine on the 21st!  Also added five photos to the Action page (in the Transcon section).

11/27/2010: Added two photos dating from 2001 of a BNSF coal train in Glenwood Springs, CO.

9/21/2010: Added a pair of boxcar photos and a Ferromex autorack to the Rolling Stock page.

9/20/2010: Added a new trip essay, Gallup 2010.  Also added large numbers of locomotive images to the GE page, all C4-9W's or ES44DC's.

8/18/2010: Found a vintage photo of an SD75M (8263) from 1997.  It's on the EMD page and is scenic as well as being a good loco shot...

8/18/2010: Added several photos from Las Cruces to the  Action and  EMD Roster pages.  Noteworthy is the presence of a SD70ACe. Also added a number of cars to the Rolling Stock page (hoppers, boxes, coil steel).

8/03/2010: Added a number of locomotive roster photos to both EMD and GE sections.

7/16/2010: Divided the locomotive roster pages into EMD and GE pages.

5/10/2010: Added C44-9W No 1010 and three more ES44DC's to the Motive Power page, and a photo at west Belen to the Action page. Also added a covered hopper and a box car to the Rolling Stock page.

3/08/2010: Added photos of two C44-9W's to the Motive Power page and a pair of photos from Rincon to the Action page.

12/15/2009: Added photos of two C44-9W's in the 4300 series to the Motive Power page.

12/02/2009: Added a pair of photos from Mesilla, NM to the Action page.

 11/06/2009: Added a pair of BNSF autoracks to the Rolling Stock page.  Also a group of covered hoppers at Socorro on the Action page.  Also added photo of SD40-2 No. 1876 to the Motive Power page.

10/06/2009: Added several photos from 1998 at Needles to the Action and Motive Power pages.  Upgraded several photos on the Needles trip report.

10/05/2009: Added photos of two cabooses to the Rolling Stock page: a BN caboose at Grand Junction, CO and an ATSF caboose at Socorro, NM.

9/30/2009: Added a pair of photos (from 2007) to the Powder River section of the Action page, and a close-up of one of these units to the Motive Power page.

9/25/2009: Added a number of photos (from 2002) to all three main pages.

9/24/2009: Added four photos (from 2002) to the Motive Power page.

9/14/2009: added several photos, taken in Seattle on 7/24/09, to the Motive Power page (all EMD's).  Also a photo of C44-9W No. 1078 in H1 paint.

9/11/2009: Rolled out the Rolling Stock section.

9/10/2009: Initial site rollout on ACTIONroad.net.  Includes the Motive Power and Action/Scenery pages.


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