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BN Tribute
Warbonnets in Action
Central New Mexico ~ 2002
Traffic Blitz in the Central Rockies
BNSF at Needles
December 2008 -
Winter Railroading in Colorado
Gallup Area - 2010
Siouxland Rails
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BNSF Freight Cars
Open gondola 511625 (number is a little unclear), carrying concrete ties, westbound at Pinecliffe (12/05/2008).
Open gondola 516458 and another unidentifiable gondola, loaded with concrete ties, moving on a trackage rights train on the Moffat.  Not your typical roster shot.  You can see the rib-edge panels attached for the new-image logo and the reporting marks.    Westbound at Rollinsville (12/05/2008).
5-unit well car for doublestacks.  Number not legible in the photo, but definitely BNSF reporting marks.  Eastbound near Flagstaff (3/27/2008).
Coil steel car, northbound in Las Cruces on 8/15/2010.  The number is unreadable. Note that this is not a deep mill gon but essentially a reinforced flatcar with a cover.
A Santa Fe 3-bay ACF covered hopper, No. 313809, is spotted at Rincon on 5/09.2010.  Still in its original paint scheme some 15 years after the merger, it's looking good.
Three-bay ACF covered hopper No. 402085.  Wears the first merger herald (pre-2005).  Westbound at Sulphur (8/09/2007).
Three-bay ACF covered hopper No. 422597, a 4650 cubic-foot capacity car in the original merger scheme.  It's spotted at Rincon on 5/09/2010.
Covered hopper No. 429452, rib-sided (P-S?).  Parked at Rincon, NM (8/15/2006)
Covered hopper 469122, northbound at Las Cruces on 8/15/2010.  It wears the New Image lettering.
2-bay covered hopper No. 406225 (ACF).  Used in soda ash service.  Data reads: LD LMT 207900, LT WT 55100   (12/05/2008)
3-bay cylindrical hopper No. 479363, northbound at Las Cruces (8/11/2009).  Built by Trinity.
3-bay cylindrical hopper No. 480914, northbound at Las Cruces (8/15/2010).
50-foot modern boxcar 722726, in the new Wedge scheme.  This car is seen on UP's North Fork sub near Delta, CO on 4/16/2010.
60-foot box 781403 on 8/15/2010 at Las Cruces.  New-image lettering. It sure doesn't take the graffiti "artists" very long to deface these new cars anymore...
60-foot box 782961 on 8/15/2010 at Las Cruces.  Earlier BNSF merger herald.
60-foot Boxcar 781628, at Gallup on 9/1102010.  Earlier BNSF merger herald.  There was a sizeable block of these cars on the train.
60-foot Boxcar 782235, at Gallup on 9/1102010.  Earlier BNSF merger herald.
BNSF tri-level auto rack, riding on ETTX flatcar 711097.  It's on a westbound BNSF train at Belen, 10/30/2009.  Original merger logo applied to one end only, with no separate herald panel.
BNSF tri-level auto rack, riding on ETTX flatcar 852848.  It's on a westbound BNSF train at Belen, 10/30/2009.  Original merger logo applied to both ends, with no herald panel.

ATSF Caboose No. 999753.  This cab is kept at Socorro, NM for use as a shoving platform when switching the Dicaperl Minerals spur.  The car has been there for quite a while and is not protected in any way I could see. Obviously the local taggers find it an easy mark.

Top: 3/4 view from the "lit" side (12/04/2006).  Note the side ladder.  Car built by International Car in the mid-1970s.  Note that basically all windows are covered in sheet metal.

Middle: From down-sun, we see the opposite end.  The car is usually left on the tail of the wye, which is also the beginning of the spur track leading into town.

Bottom: Interior view.  The car is not locked or even closed, so I assume that nothing of value is stored (or attached) within.

BN Caboose 12517.  This car was kept in Grand Junction (may still be there for all I know) for locals use.  Also built by International, but note the offset cupola-- likely built in the mid-1960s.

Top: on 11/11/2001.  Note that the lower side windows are plated (common practice amongst US railroads from 1980 onward)l

Bottom: Spotted near the depot on Jan 5th, 2006.

Foreign Road and Private Owner Cars
These photos are of non-BNSF cars found on BNSF rails or on BNSF trackage-rights trains.  They help illustrate traffic patterns and consists.
Cylindrical four-bay hopper, SIRX No. 465049 (Southern Illinois Railcar Company).  A second-hand car.  Parked at Rincon, NM (8/15/2006)
Two-bay covered hoppers: three CITX ACF / ARI cars (221706, 221603, 221722) and a BNSF car by ACF with the Wedge scheme.  These are headed for the American Soda plant at Parachute. (12/05/2008)
Tanks: This photo shows the midsection of a westbound manifest at Pinecliffe (12/5/2008).  Visible are 13 funnel-flow-style tank cars in the 65' range.
TILX 263159, carrying a logo for Louisiana Hot Sauce.  One of the coolest cars I've photographed, being switched at Belen on 10/30/2009.  23,000 gallons is a lotta hot sauce!  (It's probably not carrying the finished product, but I couldn't read any lettering on the car that indicates what's actually inside.  It could be the real thing.)
GATX 202901, anhydrous ammonia tank car.  Eastbound at Byers Canyon, CO.  (8/09/2007)
UTLX 203061.  The DOT placard reads "1203", indicating the car hauls gasoline.  (Westbound at Sulphur, CO, 8/09/2007)
UTLX 203108.  The DOT placard "1993" indicates the car hauls diesel fuel.  (Westbound at Sulphur, CO, 8/09/2007)
Conrail tri-level auto rack, riding on ETTX flatcar 905250, east of Scholle, NM on July 20, 2002.
Ferromex triple rack, riding on TTGX 991876, westbound near Gallup on 9/11/2010.  There were several Ferromex racks on this train.
Norfolk Southern tri-level auto rack, passing through Belen on July 19, 2002.  On ETTX flat 802572.
Bi-level auto car, originally SP 516842 but now wearing UP colors, east of Scholle on July 20, 2002.  Also seen is a tri-level UP auto rack on ETTX flat 820984.
Tri-level UP auto rack, on ETTX flat 802073, passing through Belen on July 19, 2002.


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