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This is  one of the oldest Western railfan sites on the web.  History?  Yeah.  Keeping it fresh?  Yeah.

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Narrow Gauge Updates:

There's two new trip reports under the Rail Encounters section--

  • Lots of images from the Tunnel District, as well as a spotting report for the San Luis & Rio Grande. This one's well worth your time and perusal.
  • Trip Report to the Grand Junction and Moab areas, Ruby Canyon, etc. This includes the Potash Local and an Amtrak Heritage unit.  New format, and some of my best photography ever.

I'm now on YouTube. My channel is kfgrijr.  You can watch videos of BNSF, Durango & Silverton, San Luis & Rio Grande, UP, and my model railroad as well.  Updated regularly.


I have written a book covering the entire history of the Rio Grande, published by Motorbooks Press.  To date this is the only cradle-to-grave account in print of the D&RGW.  Beautifully illustrated with 150 photographs, full of easy-to-follow historical information, it is a must-have for any student or fan of the Rio Grande. Also available as an e-book from Voyageur Press.
Available from Amazon.com (search for "Rio Grande" )-- or just click the link below.

Also available as an e-book from motorbooks.com

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